Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pre-order Available: Claiming Their Vagrant (Leopards of Leopold 2)

I'm excited to announce Claiming Their Vagrant, book two of the Leopards of Leopold series, is now available for pre-order.

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, February 4th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, February 11th

Short blurb: Pard Enforcers Noah and Mason thought they had everything they ever wanted until fate dropped an inked, pierced, and mouthy biker chick on their lap. 

The sound of a bike engine humming quietly behind him made him turn. He finished locking up just in time to see the bike being parked on the curb. The metaphysical leopard inside him stirred to life, and both Noah and the cat scented the air.

The telltale coppery scent of blood combined with the heady smell of feline musk made him snarl. The rider was a female cat shifter, but fuck, even though his warning bells were ringing, she smelled so damn sharp. Sharp and fine.

The female rider wasn’t wearing any helmet. She dismounted stiffly, throwing one booted and denim-clad leg off the machine. Noah was betting underneath that form-fitting leather jacket she was hurt and bleeding, but he couldn’t help but notice what a body she had.

She was tall, slender, but had all the right curves Noah wanted in a woman. She also had nice hips and tempting, luscious breasts. As she came underneath the harsh street lamp, Noah could see more of her.

Her dark hair was plaited to a single braid, and when she directed her smoky gray eyes at him, his cock perked up in his grease-stained jeans. Her face was all sharp angles and lined with a number of piercings. Noah could see ink peeking from her neck and her hands.

Every inch of her screamed bad and wild, and all that wildness called to him. It lured his leopard out into the open.

Hunger stirred inside of him, alien and unsettling. Noah always knew he loved both men and women, but after finding and claiming Mason as his mate, he’d never hungered for anyone else’s touch again. Except hers. Noah didn’t just want to touch. The dominant cat inside him wanted to caress, possess, and claim.

Fuck. Just who was this woman?