Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stocoma City Book 2 Contract Signed

Just signed a contract for the second book in the Stocoma City series. The Spymaster's Crow starts off from the cliff hanger in Butcher's Boy. The book's alpha male is Max Scavos, Connor's older brother and one of the three werewolf alphas of House Scavos, and features a MMF pairing. 

What's in store for book 2? Aubrey, the feisty crow shifter in book one takes center stage. Aside from the war between the crime families, stakes considerably go up when a hell god is thrown into the mix, along with more werewolf politics. 

A little tidbit about the first 3 books
The first three books of the series references the titles of the three brothers. Conner, 'The Butcher',  handles most of the family's wet works. Max handles the family's spy networks, and London, 'The Gentleman', is in-charge of handling talks, negotiations and is the face of House Scavos at any social event. 

The Spymaster's Crow's projected release date is March 2015.

What else is in the works?
I've started on Stocoma City 3, The Gentleman's Mates and about a third writing through Vagrant Wolf, Leopards of Leopold 3, so stay tuned for updates!