Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesday Blog Hop (March 4)

A weekly blog hop featuring paranormal stories. From witches to werewolves, vampires to berserkers, you name it we have it. This blog hop is open to authors and writers whose work is published or unpublished. We also welcome works-in-progresses/WIP's! So join us each work and check out our cool stories!

Excerpt from Butcher’s Boy:
His skin was pleasantly warm against Jace, and his touches were less restrained and more certain. Connor ravenously locked his lips with Jace. The fierce of his desire slammed into him with sudden violent force, leaving him breathless.

The alpha sucked on his bottom lip tenderly, making him moan. Their tongues tangled and dueled, before Jace surrendered and let Connor thrust his tongue between his lips. It looked like Connor enjoyed what he sampled, because his grip on Jace’s body tightened possessively.

Faint warning bells rang in Jace’s head when he felt Connor’s lengthening canines on the side of his neck. A voice reminded him what such a bite implied, but it no longer seemed significant, especially he felt so damn good. He could feel Connor’s teeth pierce flesh and sink in deep. His body buckled at the slight pain.

“Hush, my little wolf. I’m going to make you feel damn good in a second.”

Blurb: Three crime families of shifters rule Stocoma City in an uneasy alliance. Connor Scavos, The Butcher, is one of the three werewolf alphas in charge of House Scavos. He’s always taken care of the family business, but family business has to take a back seat when Connor finds Jace Reeves, his fated mate, in an illegal flesh auction. But when politics come into play, obtaining Jace is much harder than he thought. Will Connor break the peace with another rival crime family in order to claim his mate?

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