Sunday, 29 March 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors 29/3

This week, I'm posting a excerpt from my upcoming paranormal menage release, Vagrant Wolf.

Excerpt (clean): 
Jen finally looked at Nix, and the sudden weight in them staggered him.
They were exhausted eyes, haunted eyes. They told Nix while Jen’s body was young the soul it contained was old.
“Oh sweetheart,” she whispered, slender fingers moving past his leather jacket to touch his inked arm. “You’ve been through hell haven’t you?”
Her words reverberated through Nix and hit him like a wrecking ball. Those eyes, Nix thought shakily, saw far too much. Hell, he usually wasn’t that transparent.

Blurb: Nix Summers is solitary nomad, a werewolf with no pack, and a biker with no purpose. Haunted by the death of his wife and kid, Nix has been unable to move on. When he picks up an old trail, Nix rides to Leopold City in the hopes of sating his vengeance. What he didn’t count on was falling for Jennifer Rhodes, a young pregnant leopard shifter, and Eli Crane, her handsome protector.

Nix knows both Eli and Jen are bad news, but Nix’s protective animal instincts prevent him from just walking away. The wereleopards aren’t just capable of stirring emotions Nix thought were long dead, Nix’s wolf recognizes Jen and Eli’s cats as its rightful mates. But fate didn’t just set the three of them on the same path for no reason. Can Nix put aside his quest for vengeance for a chance at love, or is the only road he’s bound for his own grave?

Pre-order available from Siren Publishing: 
Release date: April 2nd 2015

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