Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors / #8sunday / 03/22/15

Welcome to WWW! This week I’m posting a teaser from my recent MM release, Mounting the Catapult:

“Isn’t a Howler mating mark permanent? Hell, isn’t it even more binding than any legal document in the galaxy? Oh Gods, is it true males can get pregnant after being bitten by a Howler?”

“Oh, it’s more than any legal document, Caru. I’ve just claimed you for life.” Ris took a breath to calm his nerves. “But you can’t really claim the unwilling can’t you? Some part of you knew I was your fated mate, Caru. Just like how I knew instantly you were meant to be mine.”

Left for dead by the leaders of his homeworld for being flawed, Ris Feral’s life takes a sharp turn when he’s picked up and trained by the Intergalactic Garuda Empire to pilot the Catapult, the galaxy’s deadliest thinking war machine. But wreaking havoc, fighting someone else’s wars, and doing all he’d been told, no questions asked, made for one empty and lonely existence.

Fortunately, Ris has always known the Catapult had been designed for two pilots, not one. When the ship noticeably reacts to a spy from an enemy planet, Ris knows the man posing as Inspector Caru Killas is his fated mate and his missing half. Disobeying orders, being the most wanted man in the empire, and risking his life is the easy bit. Can Ris convince Caru to surrender his heart and allegiance to him, and mount the Catapult?