Sunday, 15 March 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday (March 15)

Welcome to this week's Weekend Writing Warriors! 
Today, I'm once again posting a snippet from my paranormal menage, The Spymaster's Crow.

“You’re practically begging for punishment, aren’t you, little crow?”

Aubrey’s pulse sped up when Max’s large hand closed over one of her wrists. Aubrey lifted her chin and met his feral gaze. Max’s control of his wolf was considered the best in the house, but she wasn’t sure why it always seemed to surface when she provoked him.

“Then punish your pet, Master.”

She heard Dom let out a breath, and could feel him moving toward them.

“Don’t tempt me, Aubrey. I can still spread you across my lap and give you a spanking.”

“When have you ever given me spanking?”

Blurb: Three crime families of shifters have always ruled Stocoma City in an uneasy alliance. When the peace accords between them are broken, House Scavos stands on shaky political ground. The last thing mob boss Maxwell Scavos needs is his mate crossing certain boundaries.

When it came to Aubrey Ansel, Max and his mate, Dominic Marks, had agreed to draw certain lines. Werewolf alphas, especially one of the three ruling alphas of House Scavos, don’t take a lesser third like a crow shifter no matter how much he and his mate desire her. Max has always seen and treated Aubrey like a useful tool, but lines begin to blur when a deity saunters into the city and announces he intends to claim his little crow.

Can Max afford to wage a war with a god when he already has his family’s war to fight?

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