Sunday, 17 May 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors / #8sunday / 05/17/15

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This week, I’m once again posting a snippet from my recent menage paranormal romance release, London’s Mates.

Charity didn’t see London move. His chair clattered loudly on the bare concrete floor and suddenly he stood in front of her, tilting her chin upward so she looked up at the downing fury in his amber eyes. Not fury, she realized a second too late, but darker and complicated emotions.

“It’s your fault, Charity. Your defiance is what calls to me, it’s what forces me to do the inconceivable,” London said harshly.

Just the brush of his clothes against her own shouldn’t be enough to call their sleeping beasts, but it did. Her lioness stalked and assessed the frightening large gray beast circling her. Charity wasn’t sure how she knew if their clothes were gone and their flesh kissed, they were both damned.

London's Mates Blurb: Mob bosses fight dirty, especially when they’re up against another rival crime family. When the daughter of his enemy becomes his prisoner, London Scavos should have used Charity Vivaldi as a bargaining chip. But fate has a twisted sense of humor, and their roles as captor and captive start to blur when Charity turns out to be his mate. Then there’s the other complication. Every wolf in his pack knows he doesn’t do commitments, but Ferus Miller, one of his enforcers, wants to prove London wrong. Ferus has always wanted London, but instead of hating Charity, Ferus begins to desire her as well.

London doesn’t take risks. He has more to lose than most, but screw the consequences. He plans to take the greatest gamble of all. London sees a future with his two unlikely mates, but can he turn that vision into a reality?

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