Sunday, 21 June 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors / #8sunday / 06/21/15

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I'm once again posting a snippet (a continuation from last week's teaser) from my latest paranormal menage, Rain's Three Leopards.

The crowd might devour the sight of bare skin night after night, but they didn’t possess the ability to strip her off the armor she constantly wore over her heart. Never before had anyone truly stripped her bare or coaxed her soul out, the way Ed and his brothers did with a single glance.

“You want us to get these assholes from you?” A bouncer nearby asked.

“No, it’s okay, Bruno. I know them.”

Rain jerked her ankle back, refusing to be cowed. Ed and his brothers had crashed her party, not the other way around.

She fixed Ed a withering stage. “You can meet me backstage.”

Rain's Three Leopards Blurb: Rain Daniels is a wolf cub raised in a den of leopard shifters. As the Leopold pard’s adopted sweetheart, Rain belongs to all of them. An accidental meeting at the strip club where she works unexpectedly triggers the protective cats inside enforcers Ed, Tom, and Jake Cantrell.

Ed, Tom, and Jake spent years looking for the one woman, their fated mate, to share and complete them. Rain’s no longer the little orphan wolf girl they saved years ago. She’s now a confident, wild, and a sexy woman grown. By wanting Rain, the Cantrell brothers risk the wrath of the other werecats, so they decide to tread carefully. But when an old ghost from Rain’s past resurface, Ed, Tom, and Jake can't keep away.  Will they get the opportunity to prove to Rain she rightfully belongs to them, or will they be too late to save her?

Buy link: Siren Publishing