Tuesday, 7 July 2015

New Release: Alpha's Tutor (Alpha's Tutor 1)

Blurb: A small town boy moving into the big city is a dream come true for shy teacher Remy Carlson. Dreams are good until reality rams its ugly head. Barely able to make rent, Remy believes it’s too good to be true when he’s offered a tutoring job by the city’s most eligible billionaire bachelor and alpha werewolf Ethan Drake. 

Intrigued by the quiet and reserve tutor he hired for his daughter, Ethan finds his wolf wants to mate Remy badly, regardless of the consequences. Barriers come down during a single unforgettable night of pleasure, especially when Ethan discovers Remy’s natural gift of submission. He knows his dark brand of love is what Remy is searching for all his life, but Ethan has secrets of his own. Can Remy trust him with ultimate surrender?

Remy’s mouth watered at the sight of his golden flesh exposed—his well-defined pectorals, broad shoulders, the fine line of hair disappearing down his abs and trousers. Remy’s gaze lingered on Ethan’s erection. Good Lord, he didn’t think he ever had such a large cock up his ass. Ethan let out a quiet laugh. Remy’s neck turned slightly pink, realizing Ethan caught him seizing up his member. 

“See what you do to me, Remy? Rock-hard in a matter of minutes, and I can’t say anyone have that effect on me.”

The mention of other lovers reminded Remy painfully of Ethan’s reputation as a playboy. 

Remy’s skin prickled. How could he be jealous and possessive of all those men and women? He certainly didn’t have a right to it. Remy wasn’t Ethan’s boyfriend or lover. Hell, he wasn’t his anything, only his daughter’s tutor.

“I can practically see the wheels turning in your handsome little head, Remy. That won’t do at all.” Ethan took Remy’s lips again, eradicating any doubt. 

Remy moaned into his mouth. Ethan’s hand slipped up his belly, abs, and ribs. The rough calluses under his large warm hand contrasted sharply with his smooth and tanned skin.

“I’m going to take my fucking time exploring every delicious inch of you, boy,” Ethan said, gaze darkening, the pupils becoming amber again.

Remy could only nod. He began to fidget, unused to the attention. In his experience, his old lovers never took much interest in his body. Remy wasn’t ripped, although he did a little bit of running. Most men were only interested in cock and ass, nothing more. Ethan though…

Ethan brought him close, his mouth warm and hot against his neck. He sucked at the flesh there, slightly pointed canines grazing Remy’s skin. Remy shuddered when he went lower, nipping and sucking, taking one nipple between his lips. He groaned when Ethan sealed the bud with heat before biting down on it. 

Up until that moment, Remy hadn’t known a man had been capable of stringing his body like a puppet. It had never reacted this way with Ted, but Ethan wasn’t just any normal man. He could have any one in New York. Models, socialites, actresses, centuries old vampires and other paranormal denizens that possessed supernatural beauty yet Ethan picked him—average and shy Remy. 

Before Remy could pursue that line of thought again, Ethan placed a finger to his lips. “No thinking, Remy. Let our bodies do the talking.”

Hesitantly, Remy nodded. Not thinking was good. 

“Sit on the couch. I want to taste you.”

“You already did,” Remy reminded him, but sat on the couch either way. 

He suddenly felt conscious, realizing both of them were both naked in the living room. Remy nervously glanced at the windows and open balcony, but Ethan dragged his attention back to him by kneeling between his legs. He shuddered when Ethan parted his legs, and traced his way up he calves, knees, and inner thighs. 

Remy grew bright red when it finally sunk in. Ethan wanted to taste his delicate bits. The realization must have shown on his face—Remy had never been good at hiding his emotions, because Ethan grinned.

“Smart boy. Haven’t you had a man suck your cock?”