Sunday, 19 July 2015

New Release: Alpha's Claim (Alpha's Tutor 2)

Blurb: Quiet and reserved private tutor Remy Carlson moved to the big city to pursue his dream of teaching, but Remy is about to find out the city has claws and teeth…

It took one night for Remy Carlson to abandon his morals and professional ethics. To surrender his body and heart to werewolf billionaire Ethan Drake, only to find out the domineering alpha has secrets. Secrets that might drag Remy into the deep waters of shifter politics. Leaving Ethan is the best solution, but forgetting him is much harder. How can Remy resist a possessive werewolf, one who has already decided to claim Remy as his the moment they first met?

“Patience,” Ethan said sounding amused.

“Says the guy with the erection,” Remy retorted, feeling Ethan’s bulge rubbing against his.

Ethan shut Remy up by claiming his lips again, making him breathless with want. Remy moaned into his mouth when Ethan released him. His feet refused to move when the elevator reached Ethan’s floor. Ethan tugged at his shirt, and Remy followed like a good little besotted pup.

Dangerous, letting a man get to him like this, but Remy wasn’t about to back away now. Ethan led him through the doorway and flicked open the apartment lights.

No foreplay was needed this time. Ethan led him directly to the bedroom. Remy breathed hard when Ethan shut the door behind him.

“Tell me what you want, Remy,” Ethan coaxed, taking off his jacket.

“What do you mean?” Remy asked uncertainly.

Ethan flashed Remy his slightly sharpened canines, before stepping out of his shoes. “The time for playing around has come to an end. Come, Remy. Don’t be shy. Tell me what you want me to do to that sweet body of yours.”

Remy flushed at that. “What I want…”

Ethan continued undressing, and Remy wondered if that action was intentional. Surely, Ethan must know what kind of reaction he roused in Remy.

Remy let out a nervous pained and needy sound when Ethan finally peeled off his shirt, unveiling the rock-hard muscles of the upper body Remy dreamed of putting his hands and mouth to again. Ethan stood in front of Remy, barefoot and bare-chested. His expression dared Remy to make the first move.

Embarrassingly vivid and erotic images instantly took root in his head, but did Ethan really expect him to voice them out loud?

Remy let out a surprised squeak when Ethan suddenly crossed the distance between them with supernatural speed. Ethan banded one arm around Remy’s waist, pulling him close. Remy groaned when Ethan’s bare flesh kissed his still-clothed body.

“Tell me,” Ethan repeated.

A feral expression settled on Ethan’s features, and his voice had gained that demanding edge that made Remy shudder. Ethan began unbuttoning his shirt, the movement subtle, slow, and seductive. The werewolf alpha clearly knew the sway he held over Remy.

“Before our fight, you promised to…” Remy practically stammered. He gathered his resolve, and met Ethan’s gaze. “Tie me up. Render my body helpless.”

Ethan’s smile widened. “Very good, pet. What else?”

“Excuse me?” Remy whispered.

Did Ethan really want to play this game? Well, fine by him, Remy hoped Ethan was ready.

“If you you’re not clear and honest about what you want, I might not deliver.” Ethan finished unbuttoning his shirt. Ethan lowered his head, catching Remy’s left nipple with his teeth. Remy groaned at the delicious stab of pain. Ethan’s hand moved to the button of his jeans.

“Then you’re going to taste every inch of me. Leave your marks on my skin. Torment me until I’m so hard, so close to bursting, but you’d deny me. Push me to the brink,” Remy whispered like a guilty supplicant at the confession box. His neck and ears had turned red. Desire beat at his eardrums like red wings, wanting to be set free.