Thursday, 2 July 2015

Pre-order Available: Ren's Accidental Mate (Stocoma City 4)

Ren’s Accidental Mate (MM), Stocoma City book 4, is now available for pre-order:

Releasing from Siren Publishing on July 14th!

Blurb: Ren Vivaldi is the prodigal son of shifter crime boss Raquel Vivaldi. For seven years, Ren’s been avoiding the family business. News of his dying father forces Ren to return to Stocoma City. Continuing the bloodline is his father’s last wish, but Ren didn’t think being mated and impregnated by the enemy was what his father had in mind. Despite the initial resistance of Ren’s human half, his lion half knows and wants Lance no matter the consequences.

Werewolf beta Lance Scavos thinks it’s the end of the line when he’s badly injured in a turf war. The last man he expects to show mercy is Ren. When Ren is unable to tell whether Lance is his mate or captive, Lance makes the hasty decision that may ultimately doom them both. Torn between loyalty to his wolf pack and to Ren, which side will Lance pick in the end?