Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Release: Alpha's Assistant (Alpha's Tutor 4)

Publisher: Fern Publications
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Blurb: Joel Cash works as a personal assistant to his boss, werewolf alpha Damon Raines. He has serious trust issues. Damon doesn't do commitments. 

It's the perfect arrangement...until Joel started having erotic fantasies of his boss and it turns out Damon is happy to turn his daydreams into a reality. 


“I never said they were of the erotic kind,” Joel pointed out. 

Heat crawled up his neck and face. Who talked about this sort of thing in public? Damon obviously didn’t care. While Joel wasn’t inexperienced in the dating game, his thudding heart and the excitement running through his veins felt like a new kind of high. 

“What other kind are kind fantasies are there?” Damon gave him a wolfish smile. “Feel free to correct me if I’ve made the wrong assumption, and I’ll apologize.”

How could he, after Damon just pointed out Joel’s honesty was what Damon loved about him? Besides, Joel despised liars. The only way to live life was to live it honestly without pretension. 

Damon casually leaned against one side of the lift, arms crossed, sole attention on Joel. He kept a polite few inches of distance between them, but the steel box they were in kept growing smaller, The tension between them tightened, or was that simply the invisible magnetic force pulling them together?

“The typical office variety erotic daydream,” Joel answered, suddenly feeling hot in his tux. “I’m bringing you your usual morning coffee and I accidentally spill some over some important documents…”

Damon absentmindedly reached for his arm, and tugging Joel to him. Joel didn’t bother resisting. Their bodies touched, grinding against each other greedily. Joel shuddered when Damon nipped at his left earlobe.

“Tell me,” Damon urged. 

Damon’s mouth felt like a hot suction of heat down Joel’s throat, sending signals right to his chest and hardening cock. 

“Would you apologize profusely after? Offer to make amends?” Damon asked.

Joel leaned closer, ready to be burned, and Damon took it as acquiescence. Willingness. Damon nipped at Joel’s bottom lip and Joel moaned into his mouth. It was the next part of the daydream Joel wasn’t sure he had the courage to tell, but he did it anyway.

“Yes. Then you’ll wear this sexy little smirk. Walk to your door, lock it, and pull down the blinds, but no matter. Your floor-to-ceiling glass walls will leave us exposed to prying eyes from the other office executives from the building across the street.” 

God. Before Damon, Joel’s sexual fantasies had never taken on such a sharp and wanton edge. Joel didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing, but it ceased to matter now. Joel would examine that line of thought later. Now, he had Damon’s intense gaze on him, daring Joel to continue. 

“Then you’ll say, ‘I’ll overlook your errors, but we’ll have to play a punishment game.’ After that, you’d tell me the rules,” Joel said.

Joel’s throat tightened, but Damon didn’t pull away or tell Joel he was sick for harboring dirty thoughts at work. He halted, suddenly unable to continue as Damon suddenly put his hands and mouth to work.

Damon grinned. “Let me guess. I’ll command you to strip piece-by-piece until you’re finally only in your boxers. Then I’ll yank that too, to expose your tight ass.”

Joel stilled. It was almost exactly as Damon described, but Damon wasn’t done. “Then I’d palm that ass, envision the best way to mark it, before I start spanking you. You’re going to squirm, buckle, and even shed a couple of tears. I’ll stop and ask midway how long you can hold from coming, and your answer will be…?”

“Yes.” How strange the admission weakened and liberated Joel at the same time. 

“Do you like hearing the sound of my voice, giving you orders, Joel? A man who would dictate commands to you in the bedroom, a man capable of bringing your body to new and undiscovered heights?”

“A man like that doesn’t exist,” Joel said uncertainly.

“Try me. Come find out, pet.” Damon pushed Joel against the wall, and was it wrong Joel liked the feeling of being trapped? 

“Don’t move,” Damon warned. “Any relationship with me requires trust, Joel. Complete surrender. Are you willing to put yours to the test for this night alone?”

Joel knew Damon would let him go if Joel asked. Still, the unflinching surety of Damon’s actions, and the uncanny way Damon knew what Joel needed left Joel breathless. Damon brushed his knuckles against Joel’s chest, ribs, abs and stomach. The motion, a sweet torment. He then slipped his hand lower, to hold Joel’s straining erection captive. Jesus Christ. 

Were there security cameras in the lift? What did it say about Joel that the thought of someone watching them excited him further? 

Joel knew one thing for certain. If Damon’s hand managed to free his shaft from his trouser, Joel would lose control in a public lift. Not good. He needed to wait until they were inside Damon’s apartment.

“I need an answer, Joel,” Damon said.


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