Monday, 3 August 2015

New Release: Alpha's Mate (Alpha's Tutor 3)

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Mistake number one: Ethan Drake’s enemies violated his most sacred rule. They took what rightfully belonged to him.

Mistake number two: The poor suckers didn’t think through mistake number one…

Billionaire werewolf Ethan Drake believed he got his happily-ever-after when he found his fated mate in sexy and submissive human, Remy Carlson. To claim Remy, Ethan put his heart on the line and risked it all. Just when Ethan said good riddance to shifter politics, the past has a way of dragging him back to the mud. Doesn’t matter though. The poor suckers who took his mate are about to find out what it’s like, pissing off a possessive alpha.

“Strip and assume position, sub,” Ethan’s voice tickled against his ear.

Ethan let him go, so Remy could start stripping. Even now, Remy’s hands shook and his pulse raced under Ethan’s expected gaze. He fumbled for the buttons of his shirt, relieved he finally got them undone. Ethan let out an appreciative growl as Remy stood, half-naked in front of him.

“Continue. Don’t make me wait, pet, or are you begging for a spanking?”

Maybe Remy did, because after delaying it so long, he finally let Ethan bend him over his lap two weeks ago. God. Remy didn’t know being spanked was the most erotic and sexiest thing he’d ever experienced. He wouldn’t tell Ethan that though, although he suspected the dominant alpha werewolf knew his kinks.

“No, sir.” Remy stripped down to his boxers and hesitated.

“I can see your need, sub. No reason to hide.” Ethan smiled, flashing teeth.

Face flushed, Remy stepped out of his boxers and knelt in front of Ethan. Ethan approached him, nudged a foot to spread Remy’s legs wider, to reveal his aching and curving cock.

“Very nice, pet.”

Standing so close to him, Remy keenly felt their roles. Him nude and kneeling, and Ethan fully clothed and in command—werewolf and human, dominant and submissive, and both very much in love with each other. Remy was also aware of Ethan’s hard-on staring at him in the face. He licked his lips, excited by the prospect of taking Ethan’s length between his lips, and wielding the power to make his dominant mate groan.

“Please, sir. May I please you?” Remy asked. A few weeks ago, he would’ve been so embarrassed to ask, to bare his body and soul so openly to his Dom, but now he was more confident. Sure of his needs.

“Go ahead, sub,” Ethan said, pulling off his shirt.

Remy reached out and unzipped Ethan’s jeans. He pulled out Ethan’s cock, which stood long, full and erect. He applied pressure to Ethan’s balls, knowing how Ethan liked that. Remy flicked his tongue over the pre-cum gathered at Ethan’s cockhead, enjoying Ethan’s sound of appreciation. Placed at the position to torment his Dom, Remy took his time, dragging his tongue from root to head.

Ethan groaned, spearing his fingers through Remy’s hair. He tugged, sending a delicious ache through Remy’s body. “I won’t last. Go deep, pet.”

Remy obeyed, opening his mouth to take Ethan. He gagged at first, before getting used to Ethan’s size. By now, Remy was good at giving head. He applied careful suction with every inch. Ethan growled, and the sound warmed his insides. Once Ethan’s tip reached the back of his throat, he drew out. Remy took a few seconds, before diving back in a few more times.

Ethan gripped his hair hard, and Remy knew he was close. The alpha let out a tell-tale shudder.

“Swallow, sub,” Ethan commanded hoarsely. Remy was only happy to, not spilling a drop.

Ethan drew out of his mouth, breathing hard, his amber eyes unfocused. Jesus. Remy’s balls drew in tight against his body at the sight. He was close to bursting too, but he kept his orgasm in.

“Good job.” Ethan offered Remy a hand up, and pulled him up. “Time to give you your daily spanking, sub.”

Remy couldn’t keep the eager moan from escaping him. Ethan led him to their bedroom. Sometimes Remy still couldn’t believe he was Ethan Drake’s live-in boyfriend. Ethan had been gracious enough to accommodate Remy’s things, and they made furniture decisions together.

Once inside, Ethan locked the door. Remy watched him pull out a couple of items from their toy drawer. Ethan laid out each item on the bed, letting Remy see the items. There was a pair of leather cuffs, a spreader bar, blindfold, a wicked-looking leather strap, condoms, ointment, and lube. Ethan sat on the edge on the bed, and looked at him expectedly.

“Are you going to make this easy or hard, pet?”

Remy swallowed. “Easy, sir.”

“Perfect.” Ethan held out his hand and Remy clasped it. “Do you trust me, Remy?”

Ethan asked that question each time they began a scene, and Remy always gave him the same answer. “Of course, sir.”

Remy noticed the brief pleasure flash through his eyes.

“Wrists, pet.” Remy offered his wrist, sighing at the familiar slap of leather on his skin. After securing the cuffs, Ethan placed a blindfold over his head, and helped position him over his lap. Remy bit his lip as he felt the cool air caress his bare ass. Being unable to see also seemed to heighten his other senses.

God. The anticipation was killing him.

“Stay still,” Ethan chided, pinching his left ass cheek, before suddenly delivering a smart bare-handed smack. Remy moaned, as Ethan delivered a couple of blows to either cheek, warming him up. “Where are we, pet?”