Monday, 24 August 2015

Pre-order Available: Emily's Protective Doms (Leopards of Leopold 5)

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Submissive hawk shifter Emily Perrault spent all her life running away from her crazy mobster family. Injured, lost, and dead broke, Emily ends up in Leopold City. Fate unexpectedly lends her a hand when she’s delivered into the arms of two dominant shifter males, a werewolf and his leopard shifter mate.

Sam Daniels is happily mated to James Scott. Sam smelled trouble the moment a naked and battered female collapsed on their balcony, but he couldn’t just turn a blind eye to the injured hawk. Emily doesn’t just rouse Sam and James’s protective instincts. She’s the perfect submissive and third they’ve been looking for, even if she comes with dangerous luggage.

Coming soon from Siren Publishing in September 2015!