Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pre-order Available: Good Kitten (Stocoma City 5)

Good Kitten is now up for pre-order:

Blurb: To prevent open war between the two ruling crime families in Stocoma City, lioness shifter Ragan Vivaldi is placed in charge of security at her brother’s wedding. Seeking some stress relief from her duties, Ragan visits the local BDSM club. The last thing she expects to find are her two mates. With so much at stake, Ragan can’t afford to play submissive cat to two dominant wolves, but Ragan is sick of being the good girl. She agrees to do one scene with Rafe and Scott, provided they forget the night ever happened.

Duty demands Rafe Moon and Scott Haven, dominant werewolves and lovers, to keep the peace, but all bets are off when they find out Ragan is their missing third. Ragan’s defiant, stubborn, and scared of her attraction, but Rafe and Scott intend to make her their kitten, regardless of the consequences.

Available from Siren Publishing on August 17th 2015!