Sunday, 6 September 2015

Free Read: Full Moon Blues (Puppyville Pack 0.5)

Hi all, I have a surprise Labor Day short story special for you all :).

Full Moon Blues, a Puppyville Pack short story is now free to download. Remember, ARe has a 30% rebate on all books for today.

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Everyone knows being outside on a full moon is bad luck because it’s when shifters come out to mate. I didn’t ask the universe to throw a wrench in my plans, but here I am. My car dies in front of Puppyville, a happy little town populated by bloodthirsty werewolves. Just when I thought I managed to survive being run over by the local pack, my troubles are just beginning.

The shifter who looks like he wants to devour me is none other than James “Jimmy” Travis, my high school crush…except I no longer recognize this hard stranger with the ink and scars. If Jimmy thinks I’m about to roll over and play dead, he has another thing coming. Werewolf or not, I’m about to prove to Jimmy he’s not the only one capable of taking bite-sized pieces.

“Fucking perfect.”

Color floods to my cheeks at those two words. Jimmy can’t know how much they mean to an average guy like me, but I’ll tell him later. I become embarrassingly aware of our positions. Me lying on the hood of my car while he goes down on—shit. Jimmy flicks his tongue over the pre-cum gathered at my tip. I groan, tightening my grip on his hair. I can’t remember the last time a man gave me head.

Hell, I’m always on the giving end and you know what? I like receiving it too. The second kicker? None of my fantasies involving Jimmy comes close to the real thing.

Jimmy teases me, tracing me from crown to root repeatedly.

“Please, Jimmy. I don’t think I can last long.”

Jimmy complies and takes my length between his lips. I whimper and begin hardening. The sight of Jimmy bobbing his head up and down makes for a damn erotic sight. I’m close to bursting in a matter of minutes. More pleas spill from my lips.

“I can’t hold it any longer.” I confess.

Jimmy draws out. “Then come.”

His voice sounds like a firm command and it’s enough to trigger my climax. Waves of pleasure assault my body and I spill my load over his chest and stomach. When I recover, Jimmy’s looking down at me, pleased.

“We’re not done yet, little human.”