Sunday, 22 November 2015

New Release: Blackmailing Mister Mate (Mr. Mate 1)

Hunt what you can’t catch…
Want who you can’t have…
When paths collide, mates always find each other.

Omega mates are really in demand these days, but why doesn’t anyone want me?

I’m Tommy Jenkins, a submissive werewolf desperately searching for love. I might not be an alpha’s ideal catch, but I’m adorable and gusty, even though I’m slightly on the heavy side. This is my story, and it’s not the typical kind. It’s the tale of how I blackmailed my crush to become my Mr. Mate.

“I’ve never done anything like this,” I confess. Lance seems to know where he’s going, or he’s just finding a nice spot. He tugs at my arm and we pass by the main paths and enter less travelled areas, away from the playgrounds and benches. We disappear past a maze of bushes and enter some kind of ill-tended, overgrown garden.

“Here?” I ask.

“Here,” Lance says in a commanding voice that’s hard to say no to.

My body doesn’t want to fight, it wants to yield. My beast is teased to its limits and no longer wants to hold back. Lance pulls me close and kisses me again. Somehow, it’s more erotic this time, private and hidden away from the rest of the world. Our beasts feel more at home here, with nature. We grind against each other. Lance pushes me against the nearest tree. The hard wood digs deliciously against my back. He releases my lips.

“You like some bite to your pleasure, little wolf?” Lance doesn’t phrase it as a question, because he can probably smell the truth on me. His breath is warm against my neck. Lance nips his way down the side of my neck, tonguing my pulse. I know that area is another sweet spot where Lance can sink his canines in and make me his forever.

But now isn’t the time. I begin to reach out to him, but he closes his hand on my wrists.

“Keep still,” he demands. I breathe hard as he flicks the button of my jeans and unzips my fly. Then he frees my thickening cock. Good Lord, I’m guilty of fantasizing about this scenario a hundred times, but never really expected it to happen. Our positions would normally be reversed, but Lance kneels.


Lance licks the pre-cum off my tip, keeping his gaze on me all the time. “Lost for words, little wolf?”

“Yes,” I admit. But then, Lance renders me speechless.