Friday, 6 November 2015

New Release: To Take a Dragon King (Puppyville Pack 3)

Lorenzo's story is now live! Currently on sale at $1.99 at ARe :).

Blurb: You know me. I’m Lorenzo, everyone’s least favorite person, and the villain in every piece. But even bad guys have feelings. My former lover shunned me. My current pack wants me gone. Things can’t get any worse…except that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A huge silver dragon shifter swoops into town—I’m not kidding. For some reason it’s out for my blood and it seems confused about eating me or mating me.

Then, the little evil light bulb flickers inside my head. If I take care of this little dragon problem, I’ll be upgraded from bad guy to hero. I might even make the alpha of the Puppyville Pack swoon over me. But to do that, I must learn how to take Drakon, the dragon king.

“You are mine to claim, little wolf,” Drakon rumbles, letting me feel his erection pressing against my belly.

With Drakon, there’s no pretension. He knows how I’m rock-hard for him. How my body is under his spell and control without question the moment he touches me or whispers rough, crude poetry in my ear.

“Prove it. Take me. Mount me. Mate me.”

Drakon bites down on my earlobe. “Demanding little wolf.”

“If I’m a shy, inexperienced virgin with no verbal comebacks, you’d lose interest after you’re done with me.”

Drakon growls, “Not true.”

“Stop talking and fuck me.”

“You are too crude and direct for your own good, little human. You will regret rushing me.”

“Then go ahead and punish your bad little wolf, dragon king,” I purr. Drakon grinds his body against mine, making me breathless with need.

“Now you’ve asked for it, pup,” Drakon says. The intense and hungry glint in his eyes makes me shiver—not in fear, but in anticipation.