Monday, 21 December 2015

Available on Amazon: River's Torment and Garret's Dilemma

Good news everyone, River's Torment and Garret's Dilemma are now available on Amazon and other major ebook retailers :).

River's Torment

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Dominant lion shifter River Vivaldi found his fated mate in the midst of a violent territorial war one stormy night. Instead of taking his submissive human home, River abandoned Ricky to the cold. River is the brother and right-hand-man to a crime lord and the family business always comes first. A human who works as a stripper isn't the appropriate mate for a Vivaldi lion, no matter how hot the heat between them burns. 

Ten years later, Ricky suddenly waltzes in and complicates River's life. Someone's after Ricky, but Ricky also brings with him an adorable little girl with River's eyes. With a daughter in tow, River swears he'll never let them go, but can he convince them to permanently stay? Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the sparks between them burn even brighter, but can River channel Ricky's hatred into something else?

Garret's Dilemma
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City slicker Bo Ramirez reluctantly agreed to spend the weekend camping in the Darkfall woods with his outdoorsy werebear boyfriend. When Bo turns from lover to food and there is no one else in the woods to hear his cry for help. 

Dominant werewolf Garret Marks is a part of the Darkfall Mountain Pack. The lone wolf of the pack, Garret's peaceful solitary existence is shattered when an injured human male stumbles into his property. Garret smelled trouble the moment Bo crashed into his life. Bo's stalker crazy shifter boyfriend is out for Bo's blood, but it's really none of Garret's business. Something about Bo calls to Garret though. The human drags all of Garret's protective animalistic instincts to the surface, preventing Garret from walking away.