Saturday, 12 December 2015

New Release: Puppy Love (Puppyville 4)

Blurb: Wanting my best friend shouldn’t be this hard…

Paul and I had weathered through a thousand storms together. Our rough childhoods, coming to terms with our sexuality, and getting used to being a werewolf. But there’s one thing we refuse to acknowledge—the undeniable spark between us, growing hotter with each passing year.

Everyone says it’s not going to work. Paul’s a manwhore. A werewolf with no interest in being tied down by a mate. He never takes any man seriously…until he started dating me, because I’m about to turn the fire between us into an inferno.


“Enough senseless chit-chat. Why don’t you come get me, big guy? Put that massive cock of yours to good use, because from my view here, you’re bursting at the seams.”

“Crude,” Trig mutters. He finally gives me the strip show I’ve been waiting for. Peeling off his shirt, Trig flashes me the firm planes of his impressive broad chest. The brickwork of his six-pack abs. Those arms, bulging triceps and biceps I can’t wait to feel holding me down.

I lick my lips. “Yum yum. Now, pants off.”

Trig ignores me and walks to my closet. He shows me one of my belts, and I grin.

“Ooh. I didn’t know you had a kinky side, Trig.”

“I’m the one dictating the commands tonight, pup.”

Shit. His deep and authoritative voice makes me shiver in anticipation. I like this new Trig a lot, in control and confident. Heck, every little action he’s done so far is a new kind of high, and I’m pretty sure he won’t disappoint.

My poor sweet suffering Trig…from now onwards, I swear to be the kind of mate he deserves.

“Wrists,” Trig commands, and I offer him my wrists

Surprisingly, Trig wraps the leather around my wrists snugly, but he makes sure it doesn’t cut my circulation. Nice. It’s clear Trig isn’t new to tying his lovers up. I might know a lot of things about Trig. Secrets and embarrassing stories, but this side, the private bedroom side, we keep to ourselves. I’m about to know Trig on an intimate level, and I sure as hell can’t wait.

Trig takes a step back, taking his time to enjoy the sight of me bound and helpless. Another shudder passes down my spine. Does Trig like what he sees, me splayed open for his access? I certainly do, if my thickening cock is any indication.