Sunday, 20 December 2015

New Release: A Puppyville Holiday Special: Paul x Trig

Blub: Everyone says I’m lucky to have my best friend as my mate. Trig’s fierce and loyal, hard on the outside and soft underneath. He’s the guy of my dreams, and my worst nemesis. We know which scars to pick at, wounds to rend open. The holidays are turning out to be the ultimate test of our newfound relationship.

I’m in charge of Christmas dinner, but nothing’s going my way. Trig’s in jail for assaulting old ladies, and our beloved Corgi has fallen sick. Oh, and Trig’s devoted fans are screaming for my blood. What else can go wrong?

“Can I make it up to you?” I ask, playing nice.

Paul closes the distance between us. He places a hand on my left pectoral, dragging a fingernail down my left nipple, my ribs, abs, then traces the light dusting of hair leading to my shaft. One look and a simple touch from Paul, and I’m starting to become hard. “I have ideas.”

Paul gathers me close, and I nuzzle his neck, breathing in his scent. Everything’s already starting to feel better. I grind my body against Paul, and start exploring every familiar line of his body with my hands. Eventually, I find the hem of his shirt. Impatient, I rip the fabric apart, making him groan. I fumble for the top button of his jeans. In seconds, Paul’s standing nude, his dick rock hard.

Knowing he’s mine, every delicious hard inch of him, it makes me growl. Paul threads fingers into my short hair, and I catch his bottom lip, sucking, biting. I make my way down, leaving heated kisses down the side of his neck. For a moment, my mouth fixates on my mate mark on his neck. I lick and suck, place one gentle kiss, before moving downwards. I go lower, leaving bite marks down the line of Paul’s lean and gorgeous body. Reaching his hard cock, I pull his thighs wide apart.

“Go easy, Trig,” Paul says, voice hoarse, but I can tell he’s lying. Still, I comply, blowing against his glistening tip. He groans, sinking fingers into my hair when I lap at the pre-cum with relish. Using one hand, I apply gentle pressure to his balls, knowing Paul likes that.

“Fuck, baby,” Paul hisses. “I need you in me.”