Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pre-order Available: Harley's Gamble (Darkfall Mountain Pack 2)

Pre-order link: Siren Publishing

Vampire fledgling Silas looked forward to spending eternity with his sire and master of his heart—until human hunters shattered that dream. Taken captive and tortured, Silas loses all hope. He begins to crave death when a rampaging werewolf saves his life.

Dominant werewolf Harley Jameson is usually the kind of guy who stays out of trouble. Despite being a member of the vicious Darkfall Mountain pack, Harley wants to live an ordinary life. Normal flew out the window the moment his wolf scented the injured vampire. A bloodsucker isn’t a werewolf’s ideal mate, but Silas brings all of Harley’s territorial instincts to the surface. Alone and cornered, Harley and Silas must take on the greatest fight of their lives. Can they survive long enough see if the sparks between them are real, and if they have a future together?