Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Pre-order Available: Sergio's Obsession (Darkfall Mountain Pack 3)

Available: 9th January 2016!
Pre-order Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Blurb: To strengthen the Darkfall Mountain pack, Alpha Sergio Esteban must marry a she-wolf from the enemy pack. Too bad Sergio plays for the all-male team and is more interested in his bride-to-be’s half-blood brother, Ron. Sergio has always placed the needs of his pack before his own. But this time, he intends to claim his obsession, no matter the stakes.

As the weakest omega on the roster and the runt of the litter, Ron Silverback is used to being abused and kicked around. When Sergio unexpectedly shows interest, Ron finally has a way out. But choosing Sergio might mean making an enemy of his own family, and starting a war. Sergio’s love, a future, and his freedom…are three things Ron never envisioned having, but they’re something worth fighting for.