Thursday, 21 January 2016

New Release: His Honey Boy (Mr. Mate 3)

Blackmailing Mister Mate, book 1 in the Mr. Mate series, is also currently on sale for a limited time at All Romance Ebooks at $1.99!

Blurb: Everyone says it's suicide disturbing the grumpy old bear living in the woods. But I’m the bad little wolf that doesn’t like being told what to do. When someone pushes, I push back. Common sense.

It turns out the lone bastard up there isn’t old. Jim Bob might be one sullen werebear, but he sure is smoking hot. The kind of sexy bastard I want to ride, except Jim gives me conditions: we do this his way or I hit the highway. What he wants is impossible. Jim wants the entire mate package—the mind-blowing sex comes with the sappy words and the messy feelings. Am I up for the challenge?

“Daunted?” Jim asks, sounding amused.

“Try me.” I let out a squeak when he bands a muscled arm around my waist and tugs me close until there is no air between our bodies. My breaths quicken as our bare bodies touch—chest, stomach and groin, creating sparks.

Then Jim does the unexpected and makes the first move. He clasps a hand behind the back of my neck and I’m unable to react but take the press of his lips. Jim doesn’t do nice or slow. He takes my lips rough and eager. I yield to him, aware of our erections grinding against each other.

Jim nudges his tongue between my lips and I open up so he could deepen the kiss. Heat and the taste of him floods down my throat. Christ. The things this werebear does to me. I don’t understand the way my body’s reacting. It’s never reacted this way with Josh or my other boyfriends. Hell, all of those encounters seem like child’s play compared to this.

Suddenly, I’m no longer sure of myself. What if Jim’s right and I’m not ready for this?

Thinking becomes irrelevant when Jim releases my lips. I don’t know what he sees on my face, but whatever it is, he seems satisfied. Jim pushes me against the wall and the hard wooden surface digs deliciously into my back. I moan as he pins my hands above my head.

“You like a little bite to your pleasure, little wolf?” Jim asks, his gaze turning dark.

“Yeah I do,” I admit, because I’ve always known I was submissive in the bedroom. I like my lovers taking over and wielding the power to deny or reward me.

“Good, because I like being in control,” Jim whispers against my ear.