Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Release: Rolling in the Mud (Puppyville Pack 6)

Blurb: You’d think having a dragon stalker is all in good fun. Believe me, its overrated.

Games are for idle pups with too much time on their hands, but not a very busy wolf. I’m Rover, pack Beta, and I don’t have time to roll in the mud with a certain sullen dragon. Muddy claims we’re destined mates. I call it delusional bullshit. Hot and cold don’t mix. Neither do dragons and wolves.

But why am I letting Muddy slowly chip away at my defenses?

“First, show me how hard you are for me, wolf.” Muddy nods to my bottoms.

Swallowing, I peel them down and step out of them. Christ, the way Muddy eyes me stops me cold, and sends my heart fluttering. It’s odd, but I can’t remember the last time I wanted my lover’s approval. Muddy licks his lips, and since he has the nerve, I do the same. Desire surges through me. My wolf longs to mate Muddy’s dragon. To do this dance we’ve performed a thousand times. Wait. That was another odd thought, but again, Muddy makes me lose concentration.

I’m in his arms again, breaths hitching as he pelts kisses down my throat, alternating them with clever little bites, layering pain and pleasure until every muscle in my body is tight. He lowers us to the ground, and my bottom hits the dusty floor. Muddy makes a trail down my pectoral, taking one of my nipples into his mouth. Eyes widening, I cry out as he sinks his teeth. Groaning, I thread fingers into his hair as he closes his mouth on my other nipple, sealing the bud with heat.

“Fucking perfect,” he murmurs.

“What are you doing?” I feel like a dick for asking, but each of his tender motions unsettles me.

“Enjoying myself, and reacquainting myself with your body. Should I stop?” Muddy asks, gazing up at my face. He means every word, I realize. One word from me and all this ends, but I don’t want this to end because I plan to see this, whatever this was, to the finish.

“Don’t stop. Please.” I don’t know why I added the last word, but it makes his eyes sparkle with dark intent, dark promises. I shiver, and he moves downwards, continuing his exploration. Muddy nudges my knees apart, so my curving cock points up to him in offering. His tongue lashes out, licking at the pre-cum, fucking the small slit at the tip.

“God,” I whisper.

“God can’t help you now, wolf,” he says.