Friday, 29 January 2016

Pre-order Available: Alessio's Fall (Darkfall Mountain Pack 4)

Publisher: Siren Publishing
Pre-order link: Bookstrand
AVAILABLE: Wednesday, February 10th

Blurb: Werewolf Beta Alessio Esteban believes rules exist for a reason…until a one-night-stand turns out to be more than he bargained for. A powerful hunter with a submissive heart, Kelias Cervantes is Alessio’s perfect match, but Kelias comes with strings attached. The heat threatening to erupt between Alessio and Kelias is undeniable, and Alessio can’t help but lust for the forbidden.

As a half-blood demon raised by a fanatic group of human hunters, Kelias is the best in his field. He has one job. Assassinate the Beta of the Darkfall Mountain Pack and cripple the pack’s power structure. Failure means death, but the last thing Alessio wants is to kill Kelias. Kelias knows he shouldn’t want Alessio this much. He has trouble refusing the domineering Beta but he simply can’t abandon all his beliefs and the only family he’s ever known. Will accepting Alessio’s mating call trigger their fall?