Sunday, 14 February 2016

Available for Pre-order: Jared's Heart (Darkfall Mountain Pack 5)

Pre-order Link: Siren Publishing

Blurb: Ten years ago, a drunk driver ran over Jared Hudson’s family. Thanks to the intervention of the Darkfall Mountain Pack, Jared and his sister became survivors, predators, and werewolves. A decade is plenty of time for Jared to plot his vengeance. He’s digging two graves, his own and his parent’s murderers, but it doesn’t matter. Jared plans to see this tale to the end, even if it costs him his own life. The one thing Jared didn’t account for? Falling in love with the man he swore to kill.

Bear shifter Matthias Jensen has spent plenty of time behind bars. He’s balanced the scales. Paid plenty for his penance, but it doesn’t seem enough. When a mouthy pup threatens to kill him, Matt instantly recognizes Jared as his mate. He’s dreamed of begging for forgiveness. Matthias thought he was ready to die for his sins, until he realizes that there’s something else worth living for—a future with his unexpected mate.