Wednesday, 3 February 2016

New Release: Arrows of Love

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Love between mates is a forever kind of thing they say. I call it sentimental bullshit. I say take love by the balls and never let go.

I’m Lorenzo Esteban and I’ve been many things. Sexy underwear model, werewolf, and villain turned redeemed hero. To keep my mate, I risked it all. Body, heart and soul, I’ve nothing left to give. Drakon’s slowly slipping from my grasp and I can’t afford to lose him.

They say Cupid never misses. His arrows are the most potent love potion in the world. I took down a dragon king. How hard can it be, stealing from one chubby angel?

“You ass,” I say without thinking.

Rolling off the bed, I grab the robe from the floor. Figure blurring, Drakon is in front of me in less than a second, closing one hand over my wrist. Swallowing, I look at him. Sensing anger, I bite my tongue. Drakon’s pissed, but not at me. Even furious, Drakon’s a sinfully sexy son-of-a-bitch. One touch and my pulse leaps. My body betrays my need. It knows who it belongs to and so does my heart, beating at an unsteady rhythm.

“So hard for me so easily, little wolf?” Drakon asks. His voice is like a caress. Helpless, I look into his eyes. Bringing me close, I don’t fight him. I don’t want to. My wolf recognizes its Master and mate. Why fight when it’s easier and utterly more tempting to yield? I can smell his arousal and he can do the same. Stealing a quick look, I take in his massive cock— thick, long, and pointing towards my direction.

Miraculously, I find my voice. “I’ve been fucking hard for you all day, baby.”

A smile, cruel and familiar, finds its way on Drakon’s lips. “Were you? Good pup.”

“Will you reward me for being good then?” I ask, tone husky with need. I let out a gasp when he pulls me closer still, until our bodies touch, his naked muscled perfection rubbing against my oiled and gleaming skin. I groan, aware of the single piece of leather separating my dick from his.

“Did you prepare all this for me, pup?” Drakon whispers against my ear, nipping at my lobe, making me shudder.

“No,” I answer, remembering this inconsiderate bastard forgot what day it was.

Lifting my chin, Drakon looks into my eyes. “Strike one. Are you so undisciplined, you conveniently forget all our rules, pup?”

“Fuck your rules.”

Drakon’s smile widens to an obscene angle, and I know I’m done for. Well, let’s not pretend. I like the tension, knowing where it will lead. Punishment, but the sort I welcome. Isn’t Valentine’s Day the perfect day to be bad?

“Say that to my face again,” Drakon says in his maddeningly calm voice.

Gulping, I bite on my lower lip. He reaches out, thumbing my lips. “Sorry,” I finally say. “It’s a little frustrating.”

“What’s rule number one, little wolf?”

“Never lie to you,” I mutter.

“Will you make it up to me then?” He asks, tone light and I’m glad whatever’s preoccupying his mind is now far away. I’ll ask him all about it later.

“Gladly, my king.”