Wednesday, 24 February 2016

New Release: His Prickly Predicament (Puppyville Pack 7)

Blurb: Who doesn’t want a sexy man who can make a wicked calzone? But stuffed pizza isn’t the only thing baking in Cal’s oven.

Cal’s my kind of guy. Domineering and mysterious, Cal’s wolf is the perfect fit to my prickly beast. A roll in the woods would do the grumpy wolf some good too, except I’m not here for some harmless fun. Hiding secrets, lying about his past—Cal’s been one naughty wolf, but he doesn’t need to worry.

This little werehedgehog’s out to save his furry ass.

“Come on, handsome. Give me a smile.”

“That’s six-fifty,” I tell him by the cashier.

Cody pouts, aiming his baby blues at me. I stand still as a statue, holding out his baggie. Usually, Cody won’t last long. He’ll pay for his lunch and try again at dinner time. I can’t comprehend what else he eats. Surely, a guy can’t stuff his stomach with calzones and not be sick of it. This time, Cody takes the bag, slips a ten and something else on the palm of my hand. Frowning, I examine the card. It’s the business card of a new restaurant in town.

“Doofus, I’m asking you out on a date,” Cody exclaims, sounding frustrated.

The word ‘no’ is on the verge of my tongue, but his expression stops me cold. He looks at me hopefully, and looks damn cute, biting down on his lower lip. I have a feeling an attractive guy like Cody doesn’t get refusals often. I admit, no one has ever made the effort to stick with me as long as he does. I don’t get it.

Does he have an ulterior motive? What the hell does he see in me? I’m in my thirties and he’s in his early twenties. I’m huge, rough and clumsy, but after some discreet questions I do know Cody isn’t the type to screw around. In fact, from what I hear from Trig, Cody has never said ‘yes’ to any of the wolves in the pack who frequently ask him out. What’s his deal?

“Why me?” I ask bluntly.

Cody has an answer ready. “Why me? God, Cal. Can’t you see how sexy you are? Do I have to elaborate how your manliness calls to me? How I masturbate to the thought of you at night, sweaty, naked and—”

“Enough.” God. What do they teach youngsters these days? Don’t they have filters anymore?

Cody beams, clearly not shy in any way. “Is that a ‘yes’?”

When I don’t answer immediately, Cody begins jumping up and down. Wait, is his animal a rabbit then? Cody does a fist pump and immediately pulls out a cell phone.

“Trig, he said ‘yes’!”

Good Lord. What have I done? Is Trig into this too? I can’t refuse Cody now, not when my reputation’s at stake. In his short time here, Cody’s won many hearts. I can’t risk refusing him any longer because I don’t like making enemies of my packmates. I have plenty of enemies in my previous life. Same reason why I don’t date, but Cody disarmed me the moment he ordered his first calzone.

I glare at Cody as he finishes gushing to Trig on the phone. “Are you done?”

Cody finishes the call, beaming at me. “Oh, Cal. We’re going to have so much fun.”

“I hope you won’t get your hopes up,” I say dryly. “I’m not exciting company.”

“I doubt that, sexy wolf.” Cody winks at me, takes out his calzone and I blink when he begins licking at the buttery bread. “I’m sure you’re going to taste fine, like your calzones.”