Saturday, 12 March 2016

New Release: Ruin Me (Mr. Mate 3)

Hunt what you can’t catch…
Want who you can’t have…
When paths collide, mates always find each other.

Here’s the thing. When you’re an eager young Omega busy looking for his fated half, you don’t do things by half measures. I’m Finn White. I live large and don’t settle for anything less…until life kicks me in the balls. But protectors are hard to come by when you’re a male Omega carrying the pup of another shifter. My ex wants our pup, but if he thinks I’ll hand over our kid easy, he has another thing coming.

Ma always said: pick the toughest kid in the playground. Teddy Jenkins is one of Applewood Pack’s fiercest enforcers. Some say Teddy’s got a heart of ice, but I intend to melt all that bad boy goodness down, and make him my Mr. Mate.

Ted knocks on the door moments later. “Food’s here. Don’t take too long.”

Bugger him. I start belting out tunes, enjoying my scrub when he does it again. I ignore him, but the sudden shove makes me jump. Sheer force from Ted’s shoulder and the door springs open without a fight. I gulp, staring at the angry werewolf glaring at me.

“Y-you said take my time,” I say defensively.

“Food’s growing cold and I thought something happened to you,” Ted mutters. “If I knew you’d take an hour, I would’ve showered first.”

“You could have started without me if you’re so damn hungry.” I don’t miss the way his gaze flickers up and down my body. Unable to help myself, I say, “Unless you’re hungry for something else? Like a piece of this hot ass.” I gesture to my slick body.

Ted snarls. “That’s it. You’ve asked for it, impertinent little wolf.”

“Impertinent. Oh my, didn’t know you had an extensive vocabulary.” I purr.

Ted yanks off his shirt, and I’m momentarily awestruck. Jesus Christ, this guy is packing. If his massive arms didn’t clue me enough, the rest of him is flawless. No ounce of damn fat. My member wakes and my mouth goes dry. His broad chest narrows down to a V that disappears down his jeans. I want to reach out and run my fingers down his firm pectorals and his six-pack abs.

“I can smell your arousal, little wolf, and it smells good,” he rumbles. Then he drops his jeans, and I finally sight his massive and thick member.

“Come get me, big guy,” I say hoarsely, my cool slipping. How can a guy, a stranger I’ve just met, affect me this much?

“Scoot over.” The shower isn’t big, and Ted takes up a lot of space.

“What are you doing?” I ask, when he picks up the shower scrub and soap.

“Saving time and water,” he answers flippantly.

“What? You’re serious?” Ted apparently is. Ignoring me, he showers as if I’m not there. Two can play at this game, buddy. It’s not like I’m the only one sporting a damn hard-on. Damn frustrating male.

I reach for his member with my fingers, amazed by the girth of him, swallowing when he grabs my wrist.

“Naughty pup,” he rumbles.

“Look who’s talking.” I nod to his prick.

Ted lets my wrist go, only to curl his large fingers over my shaft. I groan at the feel of his thick and callused digits. Watching me, Ted abandons his lame act of washing. He flicks the pre-cum off my tip, making me gasp. Then he glides his fist up and down my shaft, root to tip, slow at first.

Glaring at him, I match Ted’s rhythm, paying the same attention to his captive shaft. Seconds later, we reduce each other to panting messes. My back hits the tiles for support. We continue working each other, refusing to admit defeat, and wanting to see who will lose.

“Stubborn and impossible pup,” Ted mutters under his breath.

“Bastard with a heart made of ice,” I spit back, voice breathy.

I’m close to bursting, but I have a feeling Ted’s the same. Wordless, we reach an agreement. Ted pinches my tip, and I let out a shuddering scream that echoes through the walls. It doesn’t take long for Ted to follow. Legs shaky, I paw at Ted to right my balance. Ted catches me, steadying me on my feet.

“Wow,” I say, recovering first.