Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Now Live: I Do, Pup (Puppyville Pack 8.5)

Blurb: I love you—three simple words that mean the world to me, to us. People say if you say it often enough, it loses meaning. That’s bullshit. Paul and I have known each other since we were kids, but what we have isn’t just puppy love anymore. We complete each other. I can’t get Paul out of my heart and the same goes for him. This isn’t me shutting the door to the final chapter of our love story.

It’s me opening the door to our new one.

Paul shivers and nods. Lacing my hand with his, we make our final goodbyes and head out of the ballroom. We’re halfway to the elevator lobby when I remember Paul joked about me carrying him up the stairs in my arms. That will be some feat—given the wedding suite is on the twentieth floor.

I accept the challenge. Tugging at Paul’s hand, I lead him to the stairs. He raises one eyebrow, yelping when I put my hands around him and carry him in my arms. Gasping, he locks his arms around my neck.

The dreamy expression on his face—that or amusement, seals the deal.

“Oh Trig, you remembered!”

“Of course.” Halfway there, I start to sweat and pant. I look at Paul, but he gives me an expectant look.

“Put those manly muscles of yours to good use, Mr. Dancy-Potts,” he says.

Growling, full of renewed vigor, I hold him tight and run up the last ten floors. We break out into the corridor of the twentieth floor. Paul gives me a kiss for my efforts, but a kiss is not all I’ll be taking tonight.

“Key card’s in the front pocket of my tux,” I tell Paul. He fishes it out and opens the door to our suite. Paul expels a sharp breath, probably seeing the candles illuminating the room. I place him down the edge of the king-sized bed. I glance at myself, frowning. “I’m all sweaty. I know it’s not romantic, but can you wait while I take a quick shower?”

Paul slips his fingers into the belt loops of my trousers, tugging me close. I become aware of how close his face is to the visible bulge in my bottoms.

“Baby, that’s exactly why I made you climb all those steps. I want you all sweaty.”

I give Paul a skeptical look. In answer, he presses a hand on my groin. “Does my tired wolf husband need a reprieve, my mouth on his needy dick?”

“You bet.” I thread my fingers into his hair while Paul works my belt and unzips my fly.

The moment his heated mouth nears my member, I groan. Paul takes me between his lips, tongue swirling around my cock head. I press him close, and Paul sucks me, inch-by-inch, bobbing his head up and down. I’m hard in moments. Knowing I won’t last, I give his hair a tug. I’ll finish in his mouth, but that’s fine. We have all night, the rest of our entire lives, to ourselves.

Knowing what I want, Paul gives in, letting me fuck his mouth. I thrust into his waiting hole a couple of times, before exploding, shooting my seed into his mouth. Paul sucks my softening dick, gaze on mine.

Fuck. Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s finally mine.

When he’s done, I lean down to lick away the drop of cum on his lips. Paul blushes. Fuck, but that is cute. Paul reaches for my hand and places it on his bow tie. I tug away the tie, remembering.

“You said you have a surprise for me.”

“I do. Wait here.” Paul runs to the bathroom and I hear him changing. When he emerges, he’s only wearing a robe for easy access. He walks up to me, helps me out of my blazer and begins undoing my shirt.

“Yummy,” he says, putting his mouth to lick at my left nipple.

I help him along, getting out of my trousers and boxers in record time. “Where’s my present?”

He laughs. “Patient, husband.”

Paul crawls to the bed and carelessly undoes the tie of his robe. Underneath, Paul’s wearing nothing but the sexiest g-string I’ve ever seen. Bright-red, stark against his skin, it’s made of a criss-cross of rubbery threads. Yarn, I think at first, but Paul supplies the answer.

“It’s edible.”