Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Now Live: Pup Wants Sausage #MM #gayromance

Blurb: How do you tell someone you’re in love with him after you’ve stalked him from behind a computer screen for years?

I’m Killian, Puppyville Pack’s resident hacker and socially awkward werewolf. Circumstances brought Barry and me together. I’ve dreamt of standing close to him for so long. When it comes to the real thing, I freeze up. There’s an unquenchable fire in Barry that scares me to death. Unspoken attraction smolders between us, but what happens when Barry finds out I know everything about him, every dirty secret and flaw? Will he still want a damaged pup like me?

“I want to finish in you,” Barry says. “But not here, inside. I want you on fours, in front of the fireplace while I rut you deep.”

I suppress a shudder, but Barry grins, as if knowing what I’m thinking. Barry helps me down the table and leads me by the hand to the cabin. Inside, it’s warm and a fire’s blazing in the living room. I curiously give the cabin a look. This is one place my cameras are not able to reach. It looks like a hunter’s cabin, but it doesn’t scream ‘frightening’.

“Stay here while I get us some lube,” Barry points to the floor. “I want you waiting when I come back.”

Hell and damnation, this man’s going to be the death of me. Adrenaline surging in my veins, I get into position. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I can’t stop.

I hear Barry’s footsteps later. I jump when he gives me a smack on my left ass cheek.

“You look so fucking tempting, Killian,” he says, pleasure in his voice.

Barry runs his hand down the curve of my ass and with one foot, nudges my knees apart. I hear him uncapping the lube a second later, the cool gel on my hole and his slick finger, pushing in. I moan at the sensation, silently telling myself to keep still. Once Barry’s finger is deep in me, he curls, reaching my prostate. I gasp, eyes wide open. He repeats the motion and I whimper.

“Barry, please.”

“I like it when you beg, pup.” Barry, thankfully, puts a second digit in and begins stretching me for his access. He slaps my ass when I thrust it at him, laughing. Barry applies more lube into my opening. “Be still and patient.”

Feeling his cock head on my hole, I clutch at the carpeting, wanting something to hold onto before the wild ride starts.

“Ready for me, pup?” Barry asks.

“Fuck me already.”