Saturday, 18 June 2016

New Release: Knotting His Pup

Blurb: Bright neon lights, chips and cards, strippers and a psycho ex-lover (again)…what else is recipe for disaster?

This is Blue Barker, cute Omega pup on the loose once again. Against all odds, I kept my man, my dominant and sexy mate Jaime Topps. I’ve been bad for my one true love, fought goblins and a god for him while wearing a cat suit and Jaime’s stripped me bare, both inside and out. Without him, I’m incomplete and empty. My mate decides it’s time to tie the knot for good. Jaime’s proposing, what else can I say but ‘I do’, but fate isn’t making it easy for us. Can we survive viva
Las Vegas and a vengeful ghost from the past?


“Do you want me to scoot over?” Jaime asks, probably knowing my thought processes.


Jaime lets me straddle his lap, so my chest touches his and my legs spread on either side of his thighs.

“Oh, so much room and this is how you want it, pup?” Jaime asks, twinkle in his eyes.

“Of course. There’s no better place but here.” I wrap my arms around his neck. Jaime grips my ass cheeks, sliding one finger through my hole.

“Touch yourself, baby,” he orders and I do.

I slide my hand down my body, reaching for my dick. I work myself, moving my fist up and down. I’m this close, but I hold my orgasm back. Jaime slips a finger inside my ass and I rock my hips to his finger.

“Behave,” he chides, pinching my ass cheek in warning.

I bite my lip and continue pumping my cock. Jaime puts a second finger in, hooking it, reaching for my gland. I gasped. “Do it again, baby. Please.”

He does and I whimper, which somehow cues him to slip a third. Jaime spreads his fingers, widening me so my ass can take his cock. I can feel his fat stiff cock, pressing against my belly.

“You look so sexy when you masturbate, baby,” he murmurs against my ear.

That’s it. I can’t keep it any longer, with his fingers in my hole and mine working my shaft. With a cry, I erupt, hard and long, spurts of cum lost in the water. Jaime smiles, not looking displeased.

“I should punish you later for being one naughty little pup.”

Jaime positions his dick into my opening. “Fuck yourself on me, Blue.”

I rotate my hips, moaning as he slips inside me, deep and deeper. The water acts as a lubricant, he has no trouble sheathing himself fully inside me. I moan. Jaime keeps his hands firmly on my ass cheeks, bringing me close. My cock twitches back to life. No surprise I’m always hard for my baby.