Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New Release: Logan's Second Chance (Darkfall Mountain Pack 10)

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Blurb: Logan Bowen is an Omega who got more than he bargained for. After his mate died, Logan’s heart and soul is shattered, but he doesn’t have time to grieve. He needs to lead his decimated pack to sanctuary and find strong allies to take vengeance on the humans who killed his mate and other pack members. The answer lies in Darkfall Mountain, but will the most powerful pack in the country help a few stray runts?

The one thing Logan doesn’t see coming is Raul. Fierce and protective, Raul is an enforcer of the Darkfall Mountain Pack. Logan doesn’t he think he deserves a second chance. However, the more time Raul and Logan spend with each other, the brighter the heat between them burns. When pack politics and an old enemy resurface, they need to work together and fight for their love.