Monday, 25 July 2016

Steel Hard Loving now Live!

I’m excited to announce Steel Hard Loving is now live! Its also currently on sale at All Romance Ebooks for $2.50.

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Blurb: Always a loner, never a lover...

Submissive wolf Joey is sick of being invisible. He wants what other members of the pack have--a loving and protective mate, someone who doesn't care about his flaws. Joey believes in having initiative. He collects data on prospective mates. Some call it stalking and now, there's a ferocious pack enforcer on his tail. Steel isn't his ideal match. The dominant wolf is far too rough, too crude for his liking...except one kiss from Steel changes everything.

To nurse a broken heart, Steel focuses on his duties. He takes his job as pack enforcer seriously. Tasked with investigating a stalker, the path leads him to Joey. Joey is harmless...for the pack anyway. To Steel, the submissive wolf is lethal, because there's an inferno waiting to erupt between them.


I look up at him. “Kiss me.”

The two simple words slip out of my mouth before I can stop myself.

A grin splits his face from ear to ear, like he’s been waiting for me all along to utter that demand. Steel grips my chin, angling my face for a kiss. Then his mouth is on mine, all tongue and teeth. I respond, biting and kissing back. Once I get a taste of Steel, I can’t stop. His hands are all over my body, exploring every inch like he can’t get enough. I’m the same. The moment our chest, stomachs and groins touch, I’m aware of the trapped heat between our bodies. It won’t be hard, to rip off the annoying clothes still covering us. The contact rubs some grease on me, but I don’t mind.

Steel settles his hands on the curve of my ass. His erection digs against my jeans and I moan. The air smells of oil and our arousal. God, that turns me on. Steel slips his hand past the waistband of my jeans and boxers, and gives my left ass cheek a squeeze.

I know where this is going. I part my mouth from his. He catches my bottom lip and starts sucking. So good. If I don’t screw my head on tight, I’ll be lost. Describing what it’s like being with Steel is like riding a motorcycle with no breaks. Keep going and the speed picks up. Sooner or later, we’re bound to collide against something.

“Wait.” Color reaches my neck and cheeks. Steel moves his hand further, nudging my ass cheeks apart. I say ‘wait’, but obediently spread my thighs a little. He fingers my hole, the gesture shocking and arousing at once.

He leans against me, and whispers, “be honest with me, pup. Have you ever touched yourself here?”

“I…” I falter. “I do. When I masturbate at night, I imagine how it would feel like when I offer my virginity to the man I’ve been waiting for all my life.”

“Not some dirty mechanic?”

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

Steel doesn’t look offended. Amusement flickers across his gaze. “Let me change my question.”

Steel bumps me a little further back, until my ass touches the hood of the Wraith. I don’t protest when he wraps those huge and callused hands of his on my waist. With ease, he lifts me until I’m sitting on the hood.

“Steel, we can’t. We’re in an auto repair shop for crying out loud.”

My heart thumps against my chest. The wolf in me wages war with my human side, and silently dares Steel to do it. All my life I’ve waited and pined for strangers I know better than I know myself. Steel’s the only guy who’s noticed I’m not invisible. It would be so hot, so dirty to have my first time in a place like this.

Steel presses a finger to my lips. I’m aware of him, standing between my legs, my dick rubbing against his groin. “You haven’t heard the question yet, pup.”

“Fine. What is it?” My voice sounds a little shaky, not snarky at all. I relish control, or claim to anyway. That’s why I obsess over getting things perfect, especially details on my binder. When a bad boy comes along, I fall apart.

“Has any man ever gone down on you on the hood of a Rolls-Royce?”

I stare at Steel, disbelieving. Most dominant wolves won’t even consider giving head to a submissive shifter. “You’re joking.”

“Do you think I am? Fucking dare me.” Steel touches my straining erection and squeezes it through the denim.

“God,” I whisper.

Steel laughs. “Pup, you won’t be calling on God once your dick’s wrapped around my mouth. It'll be my name you’re screaming out.”