Saturday, 27 August 2016

New Release: Baited and Mated (Pinerock Shifters 1)

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Noah Smithson is an Omega with a dream. He finished law school and plans to fight for Omega rights. That dream shattered when he lost his job. Burdened with school fees and thrown out of his apartment, Noah heads back home to Pinerock Valley in defeat. Nearly getting into a car accident is icing on the cake. Noah’s ready to unleash his rage, until he sees the huge and sexy Alpha werewolf who almost ran him over. 

Matt’s a powerful wolf used to getting what and who he wants…but maybe it’s time to settle down and find a mate. When he sees Noah, he knows this Omega is his. Noah might resist at first, but Matt knows that defiance will disappear once Matt gives Noah what he needs. 


“You promised me I could pet you," Noah said.

“Then come a little closer.”

God. Noah had never done anything this daring before. The temperature in the room seemed to go up again, or maybe Noah was feeling the heat of their beasts. Whatever this was between them, it had to happen. Otherwise, Noah would go insane. 

Besides, who could say no to a night with an Alpha like Matt?

Approaching Matt became easier once he bolstered his resolve and confidence. Inches away from Matt now, Noah reached out, touching Matt’s chest. The heart underneath there beat strong and steady, full of surety—unlike his own uncertain and fast heartbeats. He trailed his hand down Matt’s firm left pectoral. His mouth watered the more he touched Matt. 

Alpha’s took what they wanted. That was their nature, yet Matt let him take the reins…for now anyway. Noah wanted this man to dominate him and claim his body. His fingers traced the brickwork of Matt’s abs, the faint line of hair leading down to Matt’s curving prick. The Alpha left his jeans unbuttoned, so Noah only had to unzip him and draw that gorgeous cock out.

He licked his lips, curling his fingers around Matt’s length, so thick, so long. Noah imagined Matt pushing that fat cock into his tiny hole and whimpered. He could imagine a man like Matt taking things slow, making him feel every bit of ecstasy and pain. He groaned when Matt slipped his hand past the waistband of his burrowed sweats and closed one large and rough hand over Noah’s own needy prick. 

“Stroke me,” Matt commanded. 

Noah obeyed, loving the feel of Matt’s dick. It felt like heated silken skin stretched over steel. Matt did the same, moving his hand up and down. The Alpha alternated between fast and slow, teasing him to the brink.

“I’m going to shoot.” Noah confessed.

“Say please.”

At this point, Noah didn’t care, not when he was shamelessly thrusting himself at Matt’s hand. “Please?”

“Then come for me, little Omega.” Matt gave his dick a squeeze and the pressure building inside Noah broke. With a cry, Noah unloaded strings of his cum all over Matt’s fingers and his sweats. 

When he came to, Matt was looking at him expectantly and Noah realized he stopped stroking Matt’s dick. Having a much better idea, Noah knelt between the powerful Alpha’s legs. Looking up, he saw Matt beaming at him like he was a star pupil. 

“Go ahead, little Omega. Make me come.”