Thursday, 1 September 2016

Pre-order Available: Mating Kian

As a new member of the Darkfall Mountain pack, Kian is sent to spy on a new wolf pack in their old hometown. With a war brewing on the horizon, the pack needs allies. Kian isn’t aware that the Alpha of the pack he is supposed to recruit is watching his every move. Noel is nothing like Kian expected. The Alpha is domineering, rough, and yet there is a soft side to Noel, too. The harder Kian fights his attraction, the closer Noel and he become. 
Noel is Alpha of the Blood Ruby pack. He is suspicious of outsiders, and Kian seems to have knowledge of the massive kidnapping operation run by humans. With his sister missing, Noel needs answers, and Kian is the key. Noel takes Kian captive, though the last thing Noel expects is Kian’s compliance. Finding out Kian is his fated mate complicates matters. Sparks fly between them, but can their love survive the secrets and suspicion?