Thursday, 13 October 2016

New Release: Bear at First Sight

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Blurb: Omega wolf Lee never expected to find his mate in a rundown parking lot. Or save him from a vicious bunch of gay bashers. Micah’s huge, powerful and resistant…at first. But Lee knows it’s only a matter of time before his werebear realizes Lee was made for him.

Micah has been branded dangerous all his life. He knows a mate isn’t for him until he sees Lee. Lee’s defiant, sexy and unlike any Omega he’s met. But Micah knows he needs to stay away. He destroys everything he touches and that distance lasts for years. But Lee’s back in town and Micah no longer wants to fight the attraction between them. Micah wants a forever kind of love and won’t rest until Lee is his in every single way.

“My turn next.” Micah offered Lee a hand. Lee was still puzzling on those words. Back on his feet, he felt Micah move his hands to his waist.

“W-what—” Lee couldn’t finish, because Micah easily swung him into his arms. The werebear carried him from the living room and tossed him on the bed. “What’s happening?”

Lee began to sit up, but Micah pressed a hand on his belly.

“Like I said, I’m returning the favor.”

“You’re giving me a blow job?” Lee asked, stunned. Even with Daryl, a blow job was rare. Dominant mates were expected to take, not the other way around.

“Don’t want it?” Micah asked, blanketing Lee’s body with his. He groaned at the amazing contact of flesh on flesh. 

“I want—,” Lee couldn’t continue. 

Micah took his lips again and kissed his way down his jaw and throat. He noticed Micah’s mouth lingering on the side of his neck. Daryl’s mate mark used to grace his skin, but the mark faded when Daryl passed away. His heartbeat kicked up a notch. 

“I’ll put my mark here,” Micah declared, moving his mouth to the other side of his neck. 

“Yes,” Lee agreed. 

“Not yet. I’ve yet to enjoy you.” 

Micah put more kisses, leaving a trail down the length of his body. Lee had never met a more patient shifter. Then again, his experience had been limited to Daryl. Usually, dominant mates didn’t bother with foreplay. It had been one of his initial complaints—that it was happening too fast. That wasn’t a problem with Micah. However, it had its drawbacks. By the time Micah reached his dick, he was quivering with need.

“Please,” the word slipped from his mouth, so natural and right.

“Not yet. Remember, pet. No coming without my permission.”

“Fuck, but that is so hot,” Lee replied. 

God knew it would be a feat, given he was about to shoot any moment. Micah’s mouth on his fevered skin was too much and the way this werebear ran his hands over his body reminded Lee of a starving man deprived of nourishment for so long.

Micah sucked at his tip, before slipping his dick between his lips. Lee groaned as Micah began to apply suction with every inch he covered. Once his cock head hit the back of Micah’s throat, the werebear pulled his mouth out and repeated the gesture. God, but Micah blew his world away. Lee groaned, squirming, but Micah held his thighs down with those strong arms of his—as if the werebear couldn’t make this scene any hotter. 

Lee liked this very much, being held down, knowing his mate promised him pleasures to come. He knew never in a million years would Micah hurt him. 

“Micah, I can’t hold back any longer.” He pleaded. He begged until Micah gave in.

Pulling his mouth away from his prick, Micah looked into his eyes. “Do it, pet. Give me your surrender.”

Micah closed his fingers around his shaft and pumped him up and down. The werebear’s permission triggered his orgasm. With a cry, Lee came hard and fast, shooting his cum all over Micah’s waiting hand and spilling some across Micah’s ribs and abs. The werebear didn’t seem to mind. Lee blinked away the aftermath of bliss when Micah used two fingers to swipe at his seed and licked them dry.

“You taste better than honey, baby.”

Lee rarely blushed in his life, but he did so now.