Sunday, 27 November 2016

New Release: Winter's Mate

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Omega Rocco Boots wants to be left alone. Finally free from the matchmaking machinations of his pack, Rocco wants to enjoy his new independence and find a hobby. Bird-watching is his stress-relief. He joins the Alpha Watchers Club, never expecting to stalk gorgeous male Alpha specimens instead of avians. Rocco’s on the fence, but all bets are off when he turns from stalker to target.

Alpha wolf Winter Burke’s job is to find out the sinister intentions of a club run by Omegas. Hurt once, he doesn’t intend to give his heart away to another…until he meets Rocco. Rocco is sassy, sexy, immune to Winter’s charms, but not for long. His mission has changed. It’s time to capture one cute Omega and convince Rocco they’re meant to be.

“How about a kiss?”

Rocco blinked, never in a million years expecting that.

“That’s all?”

Winter smirked. “You sound disappointed, pet.”

“Rocco,” he corrected.

“I think I’ll call you pet. It will be my special nickname for you every time we meet.”

Rocco bit his lip. “There will be more?”

“Now that I’ve found you, do you think I’m letting you go?”

“B-but guys like you usually don’t go after guys like me after you get what you want.”

Winter snarled again and narrowed his eyes. “Who the fuck told you that?”

“Bill, my ex.”

“Well, that fucker clearly doesn’t know how to value his possessions.”

“I’m not anyone’s possession. I don’t belong to anyone.”

A pretty bold statement, one Rocco swore to live by, but Winter raised an eyebrow. His heart skipped a beat. Did this Alpha know he was lying?

“Kiss me already. Let’s get this over with,” he stated. 

For all his bravado, Rocco sounded weak to his ears, hesitant.

All that hesitation vanished when Winter angled his head for a deep and mind-consuming kiss. For those couple of seconds, Rocco forgot where they were. Despite the Alpha’s name, Winter’s kiss burned, hot enough to turn Rocco’s insides like jelly. 

Most kisses Rocco received started out slow, tentative, but not this. Winter’s kiss was full of hunger, barely contained, all lust and passion. The Alpha nipped and sucked on his bottom lip. Winter didn’t need to tell him. Rocco opened his mouth obediently, automatically, so Winter could thrust his tongue down his throat.

The Omega wolf in him went wild. When the Alpha pulled away, he panted, wanting so much more.

He sunk to his knees, liking the look of surprise on Winter’s face.

“I thought you don’t like me, pet,” Winter pointed out.

“I thought so too.”

They had nothing else left to say. Rocco snuck a kiss to the tip of Winter’s leaking dick. He flicked his tongue out, licking away the pre-cum. Winter groaned, the sound music to his ears. The Alpha speared fingers through his hair, tugging him close.

Rocco loved giving blowjobs, especially to men who appreciated his efforts. And Winter sure as hell sounded like he enjoyed it. The Alpha hummed under his breath, occasionally letting out a groan of pleasure.

Taking his time, Rocco licked the Alpha from tip to balls. When Winter gave his hair a tug, he took the Alpha between his lips, sucking hard. He planned on giving Winter the best blowjob of his life. Rocco bobbed his head up and down. Another yank on his hair.

“I’m coming,” Winter announced. The Alpha began to pull Rocco’s mouth away from his prick, but Rocco clung on. With a growl, the Alpha exploded, shooting his load down his throat. Rocco furiously worked the muscles of his throat, swallowing every drop. 

After, Winter gave him a predatory look, reaching down to thumb the spilled cum on his lips. The Alpha licked his finger dry, making Rocco blush. Winter took him by surprise again, by helping him back to his feet and tugging him close.

He let out a breath, moaning when Winter began pumping his dick.

“I want you to give me your surrender, pet,” Winter said, closing his mouth on the side of Rocco’s neck.

It didn’t escape Rocco that that was the spot where a dominant wolf would leave his mark.

He shuddered, but Winter didn’t bite down. 

Winter continued sliding his fist up and down his prick. 

Rocco knew he wouldn’t last long.

“I’m going to come, Alpha,” he whispered.

“Beg me for permission.”

“Please,” he murmured, gasping when Winter pinched his tip.

“Come for me, Omega. Do it now.”

At Winter’s firm command, the pressure building inside him burst. He came long and hard, spilling his spunk all over Winter’s fingers. After, he slumped against the Alpha, but Winter easily held him, preventing him from falling.

With a smile on his lips, Rocco lifted Winter’s wet fingers to his mouth and sucked.

Winter groaned. “Pet, you’re something else.”

“Is that a good or bad thing?” Rocco had to ask.

“Definitely a good thing.”