Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Now Live: Apex Lion (Apex Predators 2)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing
In a world where humans are food or playthings, Sam is considered a murderer by his fellow humans. Left in the desert to die, Sam contemplates suicide, only to be taken by slavers. Sam falls into a pit of despair when the Apex Alpha of the Lions, Rex, buys him. Sam’s been taught to fear and kill shifters his entire life. Sam’s petrified of his attraction to Rex. Will the Apex Alpha break him or worse, will Sam yield willingly to the powerful shifter?
No matter how many times Sam runs, Rex will always retrieve his human. Sam is his, bought and paid for. Sam might fear the magnetic pull between them, but Rex knows fate sent this human to him for a reason. Sam is his rightful mate. Rex will stand by Sam, even when surrounded by enemies, when those he trusted are on the cusp of betraying him.

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