Wednesday, 13 February 2019

New Release: Apex Bear (Apex Predators 3)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

In a world where humans are food or playthings, Cal is a half-breed marked for death. On the day Cal’s about to be hanged, he found an unexpected saviour in Dimitri, the Apex Alpha of the bears. Cal’s first instinct is to run, only to escape from the frying pan and be shoved into the freezer. Dimitri is demanding, arrogant, and dangerous, but Cal can’t seem to stay away. 
Dimitri’s just wrestled the crown of Apex Alpha from its previous owner. He’s been busy putting out the fires his predecessor started, but he never expected to find his mate on the execution block. Cal might deny the fire between them time after time, but Dimitri’s determined to prove Cal wrong. When the two men discover there's a traitor in their midst, will the fragile bonds between them break or grow even stronger?

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