Friday, 26 April 2019

Now Available: Jonesing for Jack (Getting Woodsy 3)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Blurb: Marshall Donovan is a survivor of a shifter attack, but his life is in pieces. He’s barely able to rein in the animal that now shares his skin. Sooner or later, he’ll lose control of the panther constantly trying to claw its way out of him. Marshall’s life can’t get any worse, until his old attacker pays him a visit.

Werebear Alpha Jack Woods is on a hunt for the psychopath who hurt his family. Given a choice to pursue his enemy or save a complete stranger, Jack chooses the latter. Jack’s lived his entire life, accepting the fact he’ll never find his true mate. When he chances upon Marshall, bleeding and near death, he doesn’t hesitate to save him. Old enemies may come knocking at his door but the fight for Marshall’s soul and sanity, might just be the bigger battle. 

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