Now Live: Dangerous to Handle (Hard to Handle 4)

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Mick White’s a magnet for trouble. When he’s sent to live with a complete stranger, Mick intends to rebel. He’ll fight his new protector Zack with every breath but the dominant werewolf has other plans for him. Zack understands him, takes care of him. Zack becomes his anchor. After years of searching for a place and a man to belong to, Mick’s finally found the one. Will Mick run or stay and see if he and Zack have a future? 

 Zack’s no babysitter. His best friend entrusted him with a mouthy brat but there’s more to Mick than meets the eye. Mick’s defiant but not hopeless. All Mick needs is a little discipline in his life. When he begins to crave Mick more than he should, Zack knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Zack’s wolf is pushing him to keep Mick, to claim Mick as his mate but that means betraying his best friend.