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Now Live: Tempting the Savage

Seth Devereux is on a downward spiral. Still reeling from his brother’s betrayal, Seth’s intent on killing anything and anyone that is an enemy to humanity. When a reckless plan backfires, Seth finds himself in the hands of an evil vampire nest. Death comes collecting, or so Seth hopes. Fate intervenes in the form of a dangerous and cocky dragon shifter. Noah isn’t Seth’s savior but his captor. Seth swears he won’t break under torture, but it turns out Noah has other plans in store for him.


Noah Savage is obsessed with Seth Devereux. Seth kills his kind for a living. Not only that, Seth seems to be on a path of self-destruction but Noah believes Seth is worth saving. Noah’s watched. He’s kept his distance, but he’s done waiting. Seth will fight him. Deny the fire between them, but a dragon always gets what he wants, and Noah will claim Seth as his mate.


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