Now Live: Logan (Grizzly Mountain Lodge)

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Cook wanted. Must be able to work with 3 growly Alphas. Omegas with weak constitutions need not apply.

After an unexpected tragedy, Billy needs to get away from his old life. He packs up, leaves, and somehow ends up as a cook on the Grizzly Mountain Lodge. Billy runs his kitchen like a boss. Only one cocky Alpha has the balls to cross swords with him.
Logan’s one infuriating and possessive bear but Billy begins to look forward to their heated debates. Billy’s careful to guard his heart. He can’t deal with another break-up or another loss. Love, a child, and a mate are not in the cards for Billy but a single moment can change everything. Can Logan be the secret ingredient he’s missing out on? 

Logan’s distrustful of the new cook. Billy’s adorably snarky and he makes the best chocolate croissants. He’s unlike any Omega Logan’s ever met. What’s worse? Logan suspects Billy might be exactly what he needs. When the ice between them unexpectedly thaws, Logan’s determined to win B…

Now Live: Liam (Grizzly Mountain Lodge 1)

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One pregnant runaway Omega and one sexy growly Alpha make for one explosive combination.

Eli wants out of his gilded cage. When he finally tastes freedom, he wants to hold onto it for as long as he can. Bumping into a growly Alpha grizzly shifter isn’t part of his plans. Neither is falling in love.

Liam and his brothers are monsters. Everyone fears them. Liam’s content running the mountain lodge his parents left behind. When ferocious and bold little Eli comes into the picture, Liam can’t find it in his heart to turn the pregnant Omega away. The more time they spend together, the more Liam realizes he has no plans of ever letting Eli go.
Is a future possible for a snarly werebear and a werewolf Omega who has more baggage than he can carry?

Liam is the first book in the MM omegaverse mpreg shifter romance Grizzly Mountain Lodge series. Each book features a different couple and ends with a HEA.

Now Available: Winning Gideon Audiobook

Narrated by Ken Solin Buy Link: AudibleWhy was it so damn hard to ask that cute barista out on a date?I was supposed to be an Alpha. The most feared man in Maple Hart. I was used to being treated like an outcast, a criminal. Everyone else knew me as the gruff mountain man with no friends. I lived off the land and set my own terms. I thought I was content...until he came along.Gideon Thaddeus Bright. Barista. Sassy Omega. Cute as a button.The moment Gideon flashed that sexy smile at me, I was a goner. One look and I knew I had to make this Omega mine. One kiss and I understood that fate sent Gideon to me for a reason. I didn't have to be alone anymore. Gideon was born for me. He was my soul mate. The bearer of our future kids but I was getting way ahead of myself. I still needed Gideon to fall head over heels for me and win his heart. I just hope I don't screw this up.

Now Live: Saving Rhys

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I can't fall for my best friend's son…
I always had a thing for Rhys but he's out-of-bounds. At 40, I should have everything figured out. I'm a retired cop, an Alpha with too much time on his hands. My life is a mess. When the wet and homeless Omega turns up at my doorstep, I offer him a place to stay the night.
Rhys is an unnecessary complication. The longer he stays, I become more convinced he's mine to keep. Who am I kidding? We both need each other. But sooner or later, Rhys will leave. Being on the road makes him happy. Once that happens, he'll take my heart along with him. Can I give him a reason to stay?
***Saving Rhys is a standalone age-gap m/m non-shifter Mpreg novella.

Now Live: Taming Todd (Maple Hart 4)

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Todd:Sometimes being a famous Omega isn’t all it’s cracked out to be.
When a tenacious stalker becomes obsessed with me, I reluctantly agree to hire an Alpha bodyguard. Marco doesn’t care I’m the star of a popular soap opera show. He’s gruff, rough, and frustratingly devoted to keeping me safe. Marco isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met. He keeps me in check. It’s way too easy letting my shields down around him.
I trust him to guard my body. It’s my heart I’m afraid he’ll wreck.
Marco: Todd’s the last Omega on earth that needs rescuing.
I’d been around my share of celebrities. Dealing with them is hard work, but Todd’s unlike the famous clients I’ve worked for before. Todd’s bright, loud, and the life of any party. I can’t afford distractions. I need to take my job seriously but Todd’s making it hard to do.
I’m a commitment-shy Alpha. Todd’s not looking for a boyfriend. He’s too focused on his career. Where does that leave us?