Now Live: Taming Todd (Maple Hart 4)

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Todd:Sometimes being a famous Omega isn’t all it’s cracked out to be.
When a tenacious stalker becomes obsessed with me, I reluctantly agree to hire an Alpha bodyguard. Marco doesn’t care I’m the star of a popular soap opera show. He’s gruff, rough, and frustratingly devoted to keeping me safe. Marco isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met. He keeps me in check. It’s way too easy letting my shields down around him.
I trust him to guard my body. It’s my heart I’m afraid he’ll wreck.
Marco: Todd’s the last Omega on earth that needs rescuing.
I’d been around my share of celebrities. Dealing with them is hard work, but Todd’s unlike the famous clients I’ve worked for before. Todd’s bright, loud, and the life of any party. I can’t afford distractions. I need to take my job seriously but Todd’s making it hard to do.
I’m a commitment-shy Alpha. Todd’s not looking for a boyfriend. He’s too focused on his career. Where does that leave us?

Now Live: Chasing Clark (Maple Hart 3)

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I always had trouble holding onto an Omega. Losing both my job and my boyfriend at the same time dragged my confidence at an all-time low.
When my mother convinced me to go on a blind date, I reluctantly agreed, only to have the best night of my life.
Dusty might be five years my senior but I knew right away that this Omega was made to be mine. Dusty was funny and adorable. He also took himself way too seriously sometimes.
He wanted to settle down and have kids.
Dusty was convinced we shouldn’t be together because we didn’t want the same things. I might be younger than he was but one look, one kiss and I was hooked. I wasn’t just Dusty’s Alpha. I also had every intention of being his mate and baby daddy.

Now Available: Strictly Professional Audiobook

Narrated by Matthew Lee Ryan Buy Link: Audible Warren’s nursing a broken heart. His ex left him after finding out Warren’s sterile. An omega who can’t get pregnant is useless. Hooking up with a hot and sexy alpha werewolf at a bar seemed like a terrific way to forget his problems - until Warren wakes up the next morning and realizes Jason’s his potential employer. Warren knows he can’t screw this up, but he can’t keep ignoring the heat between them. Jason’s life is a mess. His ex dumped their three-year-old daughter on him, and Jason’s not cut out for fatherhood. Jason might’ve left the army, but his old ghosts continue to haunt him. He needs a nanny to take care of his kid, but when his hookup appears on his doorstep, Jason’s stumped. He hires Warren, but it's not easy keeping their relationship strictly professional. His wolf and his heart knows what it wants. Warren might just be the answer to all his prayers.

Now Live: Wild Beast (Ashfall Mountain 5)

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Someone is silently hunting Max. When Max confronts his stalker, he’s shocked to discover it’s a newly changed submissive werewolf who wants Max to end him. Max used to hunt rogues for a living but he can’t bring himself to kill Finn. Max doesn’t think he’s capable of caring for another but Finn’s able to easily get under his fur. Finn’s the light to his darkness, but could Max keep someone so good and pure without breaking him? Finn thought his life was over when he ceased to become human. He’s found a new reason to live with Max. The growly and dominant werewolf doesn’t trust easily. But once Finn manages to breach Max’s shields, he finds a home with his protective and demanding wolf. They only have one problem. Both their packs are at each other’s throats and one wrong move could trigger a war.

Now Live: Always Denver (Maple Hart 2)

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Wayne: Being in love with my best friend should be a blessing in disguise, not a curse.
For years, I’ve pined and longed for Denver from afar. I could hold my own against other Alphas. When someone pushed me, I viciously fought back. There was only one fight I could never win and it was the battle for Denver’s heart.
Denver was my one true weakness.
Over the years, he’d schemed and plotted. He always got his way—until now. Denver needed a pretend boyfriend at his ex’s wedding. I was a convenient solution. I never once asked him for anything in return. This time, I was going to demand a heavy toll. Denver was finally going to be my Omega.
Denver: Wayne’s the best guy I know. I don’t exactly have an exemplary record when it comes to relationships. None of my hook-ups last more than a week. I’m terrified of commitment. Wayne’s always been content to stay in the background but begging Wayne to be my pretend boyfriend changed everything. Wayne’s become…