Now Live: Winning Gideon (Maple Hart 1)

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Why was it so damn hard to ask that cute barista out on a date? 
I was supposed to be an Alpha. The most feared man in Maple Hart. I was used to being treated like an outcast, a criminal. Everyone else knew me as the gruff mountain man with no friends. I lived off the land and set my own terms. I thought I was content…until he came along. 
Gideon Thaddeus Bright. Barista. Sassy Omega. Cute as a button. 
The moment Gideon flashed that sexy smile at me, I was a goner. One look and I knew I had to make this Omega mine. One kiss and I understood that fate sent Gideon to me for a reason. I didn't have to be alone anymore. Gideon was born for me. He was my soul mate. The bearer of our future kids but I was getting way ahead of myself. I still needed Gideon to fall head over heels for me and win his heart. I just hope I don't screw this up.

Now Available: Wild Savage (Ashfall Mountain 3)

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Chip Garner’s in a pinch. He’s sent to Ashfall Mountain to convince his old crush, Alec to return home and take over their pack. If Chip screws up, his father dies. Failure is not an option. The mission shouldn’t be too hard, but the boy Chip grew up with is gone, replaced by a menacing and possessive werewolf who is a danger to everyone. When the mating call beckons, Chip can’t resist. The white-hot chemistry between Alec and him creates sparks but it’s only a matter of time before Chip’s deception is unearthed. Alec’s given up on hope a long time ago. When Chip resurfaces in his life, he knows he’s been given a second chance. Chip is his fated mate, but despite knowing Chip deserves better, Alec pursues the submissive wolf. It doesn’t matter to him if Chip comes with baggage. Can Alec deal with their old pack and claim his mate, while holding onto his sanity?

Now Live: He's the One (Black River Bend 4)

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Henry Collins has only been in love with one man. Drake’s off-limits. Drake’s twice his age and his father’s ex-bestfriend. Henry knows the sexy-as-sin bar owner is way out of his league. He’s not even on Drake’s radar—but one night changes everything. When Henry’s alcoholic father lands him in hot water, Drake appears out of nowhere to save him. Drake’s not just his white knight, he’s the one man Henry’s ever wanted. And there’s no better time like the present to make his first move and risk his heart.

Drake Bentley’s been keeping his distance. He knows he’s wrong for Henry. Henry’s smart and funny, too good for a man like him but one taste and Drake knows he’s doomed. Drake can no longer deny there’s nothing between them. Drake never imagined building a future with anyone, but suddenly, he sees a tomorrow with Henry. All Drake needs to do is get rid of a few angry bikers and Henry’s his for the…

Now Live: Wild Defender (Ashfall Mountain 2)

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Sam Davis is being hunted. To pay off his debts, Sam’s scummy father sells him off to a psychotic panther shifter Alpha on Ashfall Mountain. Negotiations are off the table when the panther pride turns on them. Sam knows his life is over. When he attracts the attention of another violent predator, he isn’t sure if Kris wants to save him or keep him. Kris Ward has trouble keeping his sanity in check. Violent shifters are sent to Ashfall Mountain to die. He and his brother plan to eventually kill each other off. Kris has no regrets, no reason to live, until he finds Sam, bleeding and clawed nearly to death. Bringing Sam to his pack will cause problems but Kris doesn’t give a damn. Sam is his fated mate and Kris intends to pay back the bastards who hurt him.

Now Live: Second Time Around (Black River Bend 3)

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Joel Wilson’s fallen off the deep end. He lost his job and he’s turned into a junkie. Joel didn’t think he could sink any lower until he offers to give his dealer a blowjob in exchange for a hit. Joel’s spared from the humiliation when the last man he ever wants to see again turns up with a badge and gun. Before Gage became the town sheriff, he was Joel’s first boyfriend. But gone is the boy Joel grew up with. This hard-eyed sheriff will throw him into a jail cell and leave him to rot—except he doesn’t. Gage believes Joel can be saved, but Joel has his doubts.

When Joel broke his heart ten years ago, Gage never thought he could ever forgive him. Seeing Joel turn into a prisoner of his own making, pierces Gage to a core. He knows all Joel needs is someone who believes in him. Someone who cares. Gage will be Joel’s silent guardian, his sentinel but Gage wants something else in return. No matter what happens, J…