Now Live: Savage Hunger

Dragon shifter Xander spent a majority of his life in chains. Finally tasting freedom for the first time, the only thing keeping Xander sane is his mate and his stubborn-headed half-brothers. Ten years ago, Xander had been sold by his foster family to an evil nest of vampires before he could tell Colin the truth. Colin’s changed but Xander can see the boy he fell in love with inside the bitter and defensive Omega. Could a damaged dragon fix a broken wolf?

Omega werewolf Colin’s finally free of one abusive lover and is ready to start fresh. He never expected his blind date to be the boy who kept him waiting all those years ago. Colin’s scared of trusting another shifter so soon, but he knows Xander is different. Colin’s wolf tells him this scarred dragon shifter is his mate, but Colin fears the savage hunger inside of him. Xander needs to earn his trust, before Colin could give his white dragon his body, heart and soul.

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