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NOW LIVE: Planet Omega

Jareth can't go home. His emperor tried to kill him. His ship's unsalvageable and he's crash-landed into a wild planet devoid of life, until he spots Bastien. The last Omega. One look is all he needs. Jareth knows this Omega was made for him and nothing will get in his way. Once an Alpha goes on a hunt, he never rests, never stops. Jareth has his eye on the greatest prize of all. His mate.


Bastien can't forget his dead mother's words. Alphas are savages. They took his people and treated them as commodities. Bas is the last of his kind. He'll fight to the bitter end, except resistance is the last thing on his mind. Bas is about to find out that yielding to this dangerous and alluring Alpha might be the key to his heart and to his salvation.


Getting Woodsy