Now Available: Protecting His Fox (Fox Haven 3)


Your letters kept me alive all these years... but I’m done waiting.

Declan Simmons’ time in the paranormal army left him with scars, both inside and out. Night after night, Declan dreams of the monster that wiped out his entire unit. Cliff is his safe harbor. He’s the sole reason Declan hasn’t given in to despair. He knows what’s between Cliff and him is special... but there’s Cliff’s older brother to consider. How can he even begin to tell his best friend that he wants to make Cliff his?

Cliff Mullins has always longed to step out of his brothers' shadows. No one sees him, the real him, except Declan. For the longest time, Cliff has had a massive crush on his brother’s best friend. During Declan’s deployment, they grew even closer. Cliff’s fox half knows Declan is theirs for the keeping, but there are other outside forces at work.

Apart from facing Cliff’s brother, the malevolent force that slaughtered Declan’s unit wants to finish the job... and it doesn’t care if Cliff becomes collateral damage.