Now Available: Raven Saved (Moon Burrow Ravens 3)


An unlikely killer and a heartbroken warrior…

Elliot Fry has one mission. To save his brother, Elliot must breach enemy territory and kill the leader of the Moon Burrow Ravens. It’s a tall order, but failure is not an option. Elliot can’t allow himself to be distracted by a certain dark-haired, overly protective but unexpectedly kind alpha. Simon hits all of his buttons, but Elliot knows getting close to Simon might only result in tragedy.

Simon Sims is sick of always coming in second. He’s heartbroken after losing his crush to another. When Simon finds a half-dead omega on the roadside, he knows fate has made him wait for a reason. The mysterious Elliot is evasive about answering any personal questions. Simon wishes he has all the time in the world to get to know Elliot, but there’s a traitor in the flock. Someone wants his lead alpha dead, and it’s up to Simon to weed out the killer. When the assassin turns out to be the one he loves, Simon’s loyalty is tested. Who will he choose, Elliot or his adopted family?

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