Now Available: Crash (Moon Burrow Bears 7)

In a race against time, Jared's life hangs by a thread... unless he finds his biker bear.
Death is unavoidable but Jared Church refuses to accept his fate. Haunted by his brother's murder, Jared is determined to rewrite destiny. A glimmer of hope emerges as his brother's final gift leads him on a desperate quest—to find the man who has consumed his dreams since childhood.

Crash has everything. He’s satisfied with his role in the Grizzly Reapers MC and he has loyal friends to watch his back. Crash doesn’t need or want anything else, but everything changes the night he saves a psychic from two werewolves. Jared is wonderfully selfless, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He also believes Crash is innately good, even though Crash has done his fair share of deeds he isn’t particularly proud of.

Just as Jared's hopes flicker to life, his brother's killer resurfaces. With danger closing in, staying by Crash's side might mean certain doom for the both of them. But Crash refuses to back down—even if their adversary is a bloodthirsty demon.