Tuesday, 18 April 2017

New Release: Cruising for a Mate

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Omega wolf Zee is reluctant to go on a cruise that specializes in matching shifters up, but his best friend convinces him to give it try. Zee’s average and boring, so he thinks he won’t be able to catch anyone’s interest, especially when there are plenty of other attractive Omegas on board. An accident leads him to cross paths with an intimidating but gorgeous Alpha. Can Cross be his one true mate, or is happily-ever-after beyond his reach?

Alpha werewolf Cross thinks the cruise is a joke. He’s been burnt too many times in the past to try the dating game again—until he comes face-to-face with his mate. Zee is amazing, sexy although Zee has a couple of self-esteem issues. It doesn’t matter, because Cross will fend off jealous rivals and take on a duel to the death to win his mate.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

New Release: Alpha Protector (Howl4Alphas 1)

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As a werewolf Alpha and co-owner of the Howl4Alphas rescue hotline and shelter for injured shifters, Jackson is a busy man. Between running Howl4Alphas with his two best friends, he’s also the unofficial protector of the town, someone submissive shifters can rely on.

Keeping his emotions in check is critical in his line of work. Jackson understands grief and loss. Thanks to one mistake, he’s lost his mate and isn’t fully in control of the terrifying animal in him. So, when he sees an Omega being kicked around by someone meant to protect him, Jackson loses his cool.

Tangling with the future Alpha of a powerful pack wasn’t on Jackson’s agenda, but one sniff of Matt and he knows backing down is impossible. Jackson will do whatever it takes to save one lost Omega wolf, even if it will cost him his life’s work—and his life.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

New Release: Harris (Howling Wolf 4)

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One bar. Four rough, possessive and sexy werewolf brothers looking for love.      

Dominant werewolf Harris knows it's wrong to want Nick. For one, Nick is human, his professor at the university, and off-limits to him. He’s had a crush on Nick for ages, but keeps his distance until the night he saves Nick from a group of gay bashers. Harris has never known what it's like to fall in love. He’s had hookups, but Nick is different, special, but the human isn’t ready for a mating bond.      

Nick knows it's wrong to want his student, but when Harris appears on his doorstep with flowers to see how he’s doing, Nick knows he can’t stay away. When Harris disappears, Nick’s compelled to seek Harris out. He finds his former student running a bar with his three werewolf brothers, and Nick wonders where he fits in this picture.

Can one scruffy professor make it work with the last unmated Winter brother?

Thursday, 26 January 2017

New Release: Riley (Howling Wolf 3)

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Blurb: Cat shifter Ty is on the run from a vicious and dangerous man. Ty’s travelled far and is living in his car. Worse, he’s pregnant, and his one last hope lies in Riley Winter. One night, no strings attached—that was the deal. But Ty’s desperate and wants the best for his baby. Ty knows he didn’t imagine the undeniable spark between Riley and him, but can he convince Riley they belong together?  

Dominant wolf Riley is the one Winter brother who believes no man can tie him down. Lately, though, he’s been obsessed with one sexy tabby shifter. When he sees Ty back in the Howling Wolf bar, knocked-up and claiming the baby’s his, Riley smells trouble. Riley’s been hurt before and has experienced loss. He’s far from ready to make a commitment again, but his protective instincts are riled when Ty is hurt.  

Now, Riley intends to make Ty his and never let him go.