Thursday, 12 October 2017

New Release: Finders Keepers (Alpha Eye 2)

Buy Link: Siren Publishing

Blurb: For years, submissive tabby cat shifter Dan was held captive by a man who was supposed to protect him. Although Dan manages to escape, he can no longer face reality. Letting his animal take over, Dan is on the verge of losing his human half when he chances upon Asher in the park.

Asher’a an Alpha werewolf who bears his own scars. Since his mate died, Asher is barely living. When Asher discovers a rogue cat shifter in the park, he has no idea why he brings the cat home. Everyone knows shifters who lose to their animal half can’t come back, but Asher remains hopeful.

When Asher comes home one day to discover his stray cat is replaced by a wary and gorgeous young man, Asher comes to the realization that Dan is his mate. But the past can’t be easily forgotten, and it will take the strength of both men to overcome their demons. 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

New Release: Eye on the Prize (Alpha Eye 1)

Buy Links: Siren Publishing

Private investigator and Alpha werewolf Raul Fuller usually keeps his professional and personal life separate, until he meets his human client Tom. When Raul reveals that Tom’s husband and mate is cheating on him, Raul’s stunned by Tom’s reaction.

There’s undeniable steel buried in Tom’s spine and the more Raul gets to know Tom better, the more attracted he becomes. His wolf tells him this delightful human is his mate, but with outside forces working against them, can Raul claim his mate before Tom’s ex comes after them?

Tom’s arranged marriage has been falling apart for years, so he’s relieved to end it. Tom plans on taking some time alone but fate lands him in the path of a dominant and gorgeous Alpha werewolf. Their chemistry is off the charts, but Tom is afraid to entrust his heart to another again. Tom soon discovers that an Alpha werewolf could be persistent when it comes to claiming his rightful mate.

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