Thursday, 31 August 2017

New Release: Nailing Neil (Alpha Wreckers 4)

Thanks to his stolen childhood, werewolf Alpha Nash believes no one will accept a broken Alpha for a mate. He’s seen his brothers find their mates but knows the same happiness doesn’t apply to him...until a tempting and gorgeous intern, Neil, enters his life.

Neil is an intern at Alpha Wrecker’s Inc. To get away from his negligent ex, Neil moves to a new town with his daughter. Neil wants a fresh start, but he’s having work problems from his abusive superior. An accident leads him to Nash, the company CEO, who becomes his unexpected savior. It’s not just a job Nash offers him. Neil can tell from the start that Nash is different, that their relationship has the potential to be something more.

Both men are afraid to cross that line, but once they take the step forward, sparks are inevitable. Will Nash lower his shields to let one determined human into his heart?

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

New Release: Drilling Dale (Alpha Wreckers 3)

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After losing his latest job, musician hopeful Dale is now living in an abandoned house. Too ashamed to ask for help, Dale’s barely getting by. He’s given a wake-up call when sexy jaguar shifter Malik Mercer arrives on his doorstep along with a demolition crew. The last thing Dale needs is distraction of the worst kind. He’s had a massive crush on Malik for ages, but Malik’s made it clear that he’s not the relationship kind of guy.
Malik is surprised to find Dale living in the house he’s about to flip. He's never forgotten the bold little human who drunkenly hit on him at a club. However, Malik knows a mate is not for him because of his tangled past. Barriers come down and passion erupts as Dale and he become close.
Malik’s certain Dale is his soul mate, but will Dale accept the flawed and fractured parts of him?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

New Release: Hammering Henry (Alpha Wreckers 2)

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Mobile app developer Henry moves into a town, hoping for a fresh start. His previous relationship left him with inner scars too deep to heal, but he’s willing to try his hand at love again with the right man. When an accident leads him to crossing paths with one grumpy but gorgeous werebear, he knows Spencer’s the one.
Werebear Spencer makes customized furniture for the company he and his brothers own, but he’s unsociable and avoids human contact as much as possible. When he catches wind of a familiar scent, he’s surprised to discover a tasty little human in his backyard. Spencer can’t stop thinking of Henry, but there’s a reason why he avoids relationships.
When the heat between them becomes too explosive to ignore, will Spencer let the chains of the past hold him down or will he be able to claim his mate in the end?