Now Available: Finding His Fox (Fox Haven 2)


In the small town of Fox Haven, an unlikely bond ignites between a grumpy fox shifter and the human who saved him long ago.

Years ago, a terrifying monster murdered Cal Yates' childhood friend. Cal only survived that encounter thanks to his unlikely human savior. Little did Cal know that his and Nate's paths would cross again. Now a powerful enforcer for his pack, Cal chooses to live a solitary existence. He believes he's better off alone, but fate has a way of bringing two lost souls together.

Nate Chambers returns to Fox Haven to attend his best friend's wedding. Nate has no love for his hometown as it holds too many terrible memories for him—memories Nate has chosen to forget. When Nate's path converges with a brooding fox shifter, he has a sneaking suspicion that he's met Cal before.

As Nate and Cal spend more time together, Nate's guarded walls slowly crumble, and the truth finally emerges. When the terrifying creature from their past resurfaces, Cal and Nate must confront their deepest fears while discovering that unexpected bonds sometimes heal the deepest wounds.

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