Now Live: All or Nothing (Black River Bend 1)

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Preacher Garner left his hometown a decade ago. He came from nothing but Preacher managed to turn his entire life around. Now a two-time heavyweight boxing champion, Preacher returns to Black River Bend as a favor to his best friend. One fight and he’ll skip town for good—except Preacher never anticipated crossing paths with Travis again. Travis is smart, sharp-tongued and his best friend’s kid brother.  Travis is too good for a dirty boxer like him but the heart knows what it wants. Preacher has won fights and lost some, but this is one battle where he doesn’t intend to lose. 

Travis Reid thought he was done with Black River Bend. Travis was the nerdy kid, the perfect target for bullies in highschool. Travis worked his ass off at MIT, found his dream job with a gigantic gaming company—only to lose it all. Travis slinks back home, feeling like a massive failure. Black River Bend seems the same, except for Preacher. Travis has wanted Preacher for as long as he could remember but Preacher only knows how to cut and run. Can Travis risk his heart for his brother’s best friend?